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Couch to 5K: Training to Crossing the Finish Line

August 22nd, 2017

By Xavier Thompson MS, ATC          Pumpkin spice lattes, football games, cooler weather. Fall is a busy time of year with lots of hustle and bustle and lots of opportunities to be active -5Ks come to mind. There are Zombie 5Ks ahead of Halloween, Turkey Trot 5Ks to celebrate Thanksgiving and plenty of other 5Ks that

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Back to School Ergonomics

August 15th, 2017

By Kate Zanoni, LPTA As summer winds to a close, it’s time to start back-to-school shopping. With the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year looming ahead in the coming weeks, you will likely need to purchase a backpack along with a laundry list of items on your child’s back-to-school supply list. While narrowing down the

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Why It’s Important to Strengthen Multiple Body Parts

August 8th, 2017

By Danielle Hoguet, DPT If you look through the plan of care for a patient who comes to Loudoun Sports Therapy Center because they are feeling ankle pain for example, you will notice that their exercises and stretches are not only focusing on their ankle but also their hips and their knees. Not surprising, a

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How to Properly Prepare Your Athletes for the Season

August 2nd, 2017

By Cierra Washington, ATC iPhone. iPad. Xbox. Couch. OR Kickball. Relay Races. 4H camp. Neighborhood Hide N’ Seek before the street lights come on. It’s quite possible that if you were born before the year 2000, your summer vacation consisted primarily of the second list of activities. I’m a product of the early 90’s and

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Fall Sports Prep: Keep Concussions from Sidelining Your Athlete

July 27th, 2017

By Tricia Walker, ATC The first day of school is quickly approaching which mean fall sports tryouts are right around the corner. Some local football leagues are already holding tryouts! As the fall sports season gets started, a lot of parents and coaches should start thinking about the possibility of their athlete sustaining some type

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Knee Pain: How to be Proactive and Prevent Long Term Issues

July 21st, 2017

Knee pain is a very common problem that we treat here at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center. It can can result in difficulty with many daily activities. The number one complaint for knee patients is pain that is under or around the knee cap. This pain can greatly limit your functional mobility. Some people also experience

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Prevent Injuries in Lower Extremities

July 18th, 2017

By Abbey Fecher, DPT Injuries of our lower back, hips and knees can prevent us from doing the activities we enjoy. Many lower back and lower body injuries can be prevented by maintaining good strength in some key muscle groups. One of the most important groups of muscles to focus on, are our gluteal muscles.

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Weekend Warriors: 6 Tips to Prevent Injuries

July 11th, 2017

By Cierra Washington, ATC 120 hours in a week. Subtract the 40 hours you spend at work. 80 hours. Now, subtract the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night. 40 hours. And don’t forget the 2 hours you have to spend each day on things like  grocery shopping, cleaning the house, laundry, cooking. 30 hours.

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Untreated Foot & Ankle Problems Cause Even More Problems

July 3rd, 2017

By Misha Gilani, DPT Foot and ankle conditions are very common for every age group. We treat general pain and injuries in this part of the body often at Loudoun Sports Therapy because even if it’s just general discomfort, foot and ankle conditions cause a lot of problems with daily, functional activities. The most frequent complaint

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Neck Pain: How to Fix this ‘Pain in the Neck’

June 28th, 2017

By Abbey Fecher, DPT Neck problems are becoming more common due our sedentary lifestyles. How often do we use computers and phones throughout the day? Now think about your posture whenever you use these devices. Chances are, there’s probably room for improvement there. Posture plays a large role in maintaining neck health and limits your

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