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Category Archives: Shoulder Pain

8 Apr, 2021

Subacromial Pain Syndrome

Subacromial Pain Syndrome is the preferred alternate physical therapy diagnosis for “Shoulder Impingement.”  It was previously believed that structural differences and a loss of space between joint surfaces was the cause of shoulder pain located towards the front/side of the shoulder in absence of known tears in the rotator cuff (group of muscles that hold

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3 Feb, 2021

Rotator Cuff Trouble

An irritated shoulder with certain motions or when we sleep, is a sign our rotator cuff could be giving us trouble. Strength and stability of the rotator cuff is needed to relieve that pain or irritation and to help us complete all of our daily activities such as: Brushing our hair Brushing our teeth Lifting

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15 Jan, 2021

Shoulder Fractures

Fractures at the top part of the shoulder are very common.  The risk of fracturing the shoulder increases with age for various reasons:  Increase in balance issues with age More common to have osteoporosis Lack of physical activity leading to weaker muscles in the winter Increased number of people over the age of 65 with

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11 Jan, 2021

Shoulder Dislocations

What is a shoulder dislocation? The shoulder joint is called a ball-and-socket joint. The ball is the rounded top of the bone in the upper arm (humerus), which fits into the socket — the cup-shaped outer part of the shoulder blade. When the top of the humerus moves out of its usual location in the

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11 Dec, 2020

Rotator Cuff Tears

We often hear about the rotator cuff (RTC) and how much pain and annoyance it can cause a person. Unfortunately, most people are not given good education on the actual causes, prognosis, and anatomy of the rotator cuff. Below are some examples of causes for rotator cuff tears, anatomy of the rotator cuff, and how

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24 Nov, 2020

What is a “frozen shoulder”? 

Frozen shoulder is a condition where your shoulder joint becomes painful and stiff, usually resulting from lack of motion or use. The medical term for this is “adhesive capsulitis.” Simply put, your shoulder capsule (which is a connective tissue structure that surrounds your bones and muscles of your shoulder) has tightened up and is restricting

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23 Oct, 2020

Is Your Desk Job Causing Pain?

As we progress through this ever-changing, technologically advanced world, more and more people have desk jobs and sit for the large majority of their day. This can be problematic as the human body was designed to be upright and mobile. When we put ourselves into a position that is sub-optimal and hold it for hours

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9 Oct, 2020

Common Shoulder Injuries for Non-Athletes

Many of us out there have not played much sport in our lives or have only done it very infrequently. In that case, we are not always subject to many of the injuries that athletes or weekend warriors are subject to most often. In this blog, I’ll talk about some common injuries for those of

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2 Oct, 2020

Freezing, Frozen, Thawing

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a common shoulder issue that involves the first layer around the shoulder joint called the joint capsule.  The capsule begins to thicken and tighten around the joint. It’s pretty typical to see a gradual loss of motion in the shoulder accompanied by pain in multiple motions.  Stages of a

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1 Sep, 2020

Avoiding Shoulder Injuries from Repetitive Movements

Shoulder issues like pain and weaknesses are some of the most common reasons people seek help from a physical therapist. This joint is held together by an extensive group of muscles and ligaments that can be weakened by certain repetitive movements. Most of the problems that occur with the shoulder actually involve the: Muscles Tendons

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