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Category Archives: Knee Pain

12 Dec, 2019

Say ‘No’ to Knee Problems

Knee pain is a very common problem which can result in difficulty with many daily activities. It can greatly limit our functional mobility. Some people also experience stiffness in and around the knee causing difficulty moving the joint and generalized weakness in the affected leg.  How Knee Pain Can Affect Us Having pain or stiffness

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29 Oct, 2019

The Impact of Knee Pain

Any kind of knee pain or stiffness makes simple daily activities such as walking, going up or down the stairs, squatting, and standing up from a chair, difficult. The number one complaint from someone experiencing any kind of knee problem is pain under or around the knee cap. This type of pain can greatly limit

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18 Oct, 2019

Knee Pain Doesn’t Have to be a Common Problem

Knee pain is a very common problem which can result in difficulty with our daily activities. Causes of Knee Pain Problems can stem from many different causes. The most common cause of knee pain and dysfunction, is weakness of musculature surrounding the knee and hip resulting in abnormal mechanics. When the knee joint is not

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20 Sep, 2019

Prevent Long-Term Knee Problems

Having pain or stiffness in our knee can cause quite a few problems: Difficulty walking Pain going up or down the stairs Pain squatting Difficulty standing up from a chair Inability to kneel Most likely those with knee problems will also have trouble lifting, pushing or pulling objects. Stiffness in the knee can cause pain

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10 Sep, 2019

Knee Pain Doesn’t Have to be a Way of Life

For many of you, knee pain is a way of life, limiting your ability to climb stairs, squat down to get something off the floor, enjoy long walks, shopping and a host of other daily activities. Your knee joint is one of the most complicated joints in your body and has to bear up to

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21 Aug, 2019

What is Causing Our Knees to Click…

It’s the fear of anyone who leads an active lifestyle; going about our daily business and suddenly being confronted with the sound of clicking knees. Often associated with pain within the knee joint, clicking knees can lead to anxiety about one’s health and even end up limiting your ability to enjoy certain physical activities. If

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19 Aug, 2019

All About a Meniscus Tear

Meniscus Tear – The Basics  A meniscus is the cartilage that is found in the knee joint that sits between the bones of the leg known as the femur and tibia. Think of 2 pads that cushion the inner and outer aspects of your knee. It functions to absorb shock, distribute the load of forces

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12 Aug, 2019

Knee Pain Affects All Ages

Do you ever find yourself limping through the last few aisles of the grocery store? Or maybe you pass up a golf trip with friends for fear of having to quit before the eighteenth hole?  Do your first few steps out of bed in the morning cause you to grimace in discomfort?  Knee pain can

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7 Aug, 2019

‘Runner’s Knee’ or ‘Office Worker’s Knee’

If you’ve experienced pain behind your kneecap or in the front of your knee, you may be suffering from patellofemoral pain syndrome or ‘Runner’s Knee.’ Runner’s knee is often characterized by pain behind the knee (retropatellar pain), pain around the kneecap (peripatellar pain) or pain in the front of the knee (anterior knee pain). It

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29 Jul, 2019

What Knee Pain Are You Having?

You probably don’t think about how much you move your knee joints in a day but when you are experiencing knee pain you become more aware of how much you are moving. Some of the common knee problems that people experience are: Osteoarthritis Tendinitis Ligaments sprains and tears Osteoarthritis: Unfortunately, we cannot control if we

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