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Our Scapula is the Root of the Problem

Shoulder pain and problems can come from a number of different sources. One common cause stems from our scapula. This is known as scapular dyskinesis.

What is scapular dyskinesis? 

Also known as SICK scapula

  • S: Scapular malposition
  • I: Inferior medial border prominence
  • C: coracoid pain
  • K: dysKinesis of scapular movement

Dyskinesis is the poor movement and control of the shoulder blade. Scapular dyskinesis itself is dysfunction of the scapula that causes improper movements and poor timing of muscle contractions of the shoulder and shoulder blade. 


Scapular dyskinesis presents with:

  • Winging scapula
  • Pain at the front of the shoulder
  • Asymmetrical shoulder blades and posture compared side to side
  • Snapping or popping with shoulder movement 
  • Loss of strength in the shoulder 
  • Instability of the shoulder

What causes scapular dyskinesis?

  • Muscle weakness
  • Nerve injury/involvement 
  • Poor posture
  • Poor mechanics
  • Repetitive overhead motions
  • Traumatic injury to the shoulder/shoulder blade 

Can physical therapy help?

Absolutely! When scapular dyskinesis is not addressed, muscles will continue to get weaker, posture will get worse, pain will increase and potentially create other problems. The muscles surrounding the shoulder and shoulder blade need to be strengthened and stretched in certain ways to get the body working together again. Come see us if you are experiencing any of the signs or symptoms!

By Megan Gannaway, ATC

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