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Feeling Weak in the Knees?

November 24th, 2017

By: Alyssa Burke, PTA Are you feeling weak in the knees, but not in a good way? There are many different factors that can cause people to experience knee weakness and knee pain. We often don’t think about how much we move our knee joints in a day but when we are experiencing knee pain,

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Get to the CORE of the Problem

November 24th, 2017

By Devin Wurman, DPT The core must be one of the most complex features of the human body. Everything we do involves the core. What is the core exactly? A lot of people think it’s those wonderful six-pack abs. But really that’s not the core, that’s only a small component of the core. So what

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From the Sideline: Plyometrics or Jump Training

November 21st, 2017

By Cierra Washington, ATC Since our first ‘From the Sideline’, I’ve talked about proper warm up routines and how to build the stability of isolated and functional muscle strength. SO now it’s now time to challenge the athlete’s power. Plyometric exercises help improve an athlete’s power and, therefore, performance of their sport. This kind of training

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Say ‘Good Bye’ to Knee Problems

November 20th, 2017

By Tricia Walker, ATC Knee discomfort and injuries are common reasons patients come to physical therapy. The number one complaint we hear from someone experiencing any kind of knee problem is pain under or around the knee cap. As you can imagine, this kind of pain can greatly limit your functional mobility. Some people also

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Poor Sitting, Standing and Screen Time Posture Can Lead to Discomfort

November 16th, 2017

How good is your posture? If you spend hours driving, texting, typing or even just sleeping in the wrong position, the odds are you have either poor posture or neck pain. Spending extended periods of time in incorrect position can lead to incorrect movement patterns and increase your injury risk over time. Posture is extremely

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7 Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

November 14th, 2017

By Xavier Thompson, ATC Thanksgiving feasts, holiday dinners and New Year’s parties are right around the corner. As the temperature outside continues to drop and the holidays get closer and closer on our calendars, it’s important to keep healthy habits in mind or things can snowball in a hurry. Two things typically lead to weight

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Three Common Hip Problems and How PT Can Help

November 13th, 2017

By: Angie Austin, LPTA Hip problems make daily activities like simple walking difficult and painful. When you talk to your physical therapist or doctor about your hip pain, it’s important to be able to describe exactly where your pain is located. This helps confirm that your hip is actually the problem. It’s not uncommon for

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Don’t Turn Away from that ‘Crick in the Neck’

November 9th, 2017

By Mike Bills, MS PT A ‘crick in the neck’, neck discomfort, pain in the neck, knots in the neck. Whatever you call it, neck pain is not fun! So why do we get that discomfort in our necks and how can we take care of it? There are some common causes for neck discomfort.

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Don’t Walk Away From Foot and Ankle Problems

November 7th, 2017

By Kate Zanoni, LPTA Foot and ankle problems can make daily activities very difficult. Have you ever experienced a sharp pain in the bottom of your foot when you take your first few steps in the morning? Does your ankle feel unstable or painful when you’re walking or running? Do you have difficulty balancing on

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Hamstring Problems are NOT Just an Athlete Problem

November 6th, 2017

By Mike Bills, MSPT Hamstring problems are not just something we see in athletes. While hamstring injuries can happen to an athlete during a practice or a game, it’s actually much more common for all of us to experience hamstring problems related to everyday activities.  How many times a week or even a day do

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