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Category Archives: Sports Injuries

15 Aug, 2019

Don’t Let an Injury Sideline You!

Have you… Had a prior sport related injury? Had a prior injury of any kind? Had pain during training or workouts? Recently started or soon starting a new sport season? Training for new sports/competition? Known someone who has a season ending injury? Here’s how you can prevent sports injuries! Injury occurs when one of two

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13 Aug, 2019

Overuse of Injuries

Overuse injuries can be any chronic condition that stems from repetitive motion or force through a joint that places a significant amount of stress (over time) on the joint or surrounding tissue. These injuries can affect your bone, cartilage, tendons, and muscles. Some injuries produce a constant dull, ache; while others you may feel more

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13 Aug, 2019

Stretching Can Help You Avoid Injury

Have you ever gotten up after sitting in a movie theater for a couple of hours and felt really stiff?  Whenever you are stuck in the same position for a long period of time it is pretty common for the muscles around your joints to get tight and stiff.  If it goes away relatively quickly,

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6 Aug, 2019

Running Too Much, Too Soon Can Cause Shin Splints

Doing too much, too soon can be a recipe for shin splints! What are shin splints? Shin splints, also known as medial tibial stress syndrome, MTSS, are an overuse injury caused by repetitive stress to the lower legs. It’s common for runners to get them especially when they don’t gradually increase their mileage. Remember feeling

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1 Aug, 2019

Knee Injuries Don’t Just Occur In Sports

Whether it is sports related or just degenerative changes that occur as you age, at one point or another you have probably experienced a knee injury. Some of the most common injuries are osteoarthritis, ligament injuries and meniscus injuries.  All of these cause pain, weakness in your knees and a decrease your ability to participate

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23 Jul, 2019

Safely Returning to Play

If you have participated in sports there is a good chance that you, or one of your teammates, have suffered from a concussion. Concussion research is steadily growing and health clinicians are gaining more insight about the best practices for athletes who have sustained a concussion. While there are various factors to consider, evaluate, and

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19 Jul, 2019

The Power of “Good Strength”

What does the word ‘strength’ really mean?  The word itself actually has three distinct pieces to it. Each piece is just as important as the other and all three must come into play in order for a muscle to have what is considered “good strength”. How much weight can you lift? This means how much

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14 Jul, 2019

Common Sports Injuries

If you have ever played a sport, you have probably experienced some type of injury, whether it be a concussion or a broken foot. The most common sports injuries occur due to acute trauma or overuse of a joint. Acute trauma is an injury that occurs due to force from a fall or tackle. These

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1 Jul, 2019

The ‘Bell Ringer’ Injuries

Concussions are a traumatic brain injury, that alters brain functions such as, concentration, memory, balance, and coordination. When you think of the word ‘concussion’ you probably immediately think of ‘football’ or ‘football tackle’. However it is important to remember that you can get concussions from other sports, and even car accidents. According to a study

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29 Jun, 2019

Preventing Sports Injuries 101

Exercise and fitness are important for all ages, and create dramatic changes in your overall health and well being. However, it is important for all levels of athletes and non-athletes to have proper warm-ups,  stretches, and conditioning, in order to prevent injury. Too often, sports-related injuries occur and injury could have been easily prevented had

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