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Category Archives: Sports Injuries

14 Jul, 2019

Common Sports Injuries

If you have ever played a sport, you have probably experienced some type of injury, whether it be a concussion or a broken foot. The most common sports injuries occur due to acute trauma or overuse of a joint. Acute trauma is an injury that occurs due to force from a fall or tackle. These

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1 Jul, 2019

The ‘Bell Ringer’ Injuries

Concussions are a traumatic brain injury, that alters brain functions such as, concentration, memory, balance, and coordination. When you think of the word ‘concussion’ you probably immediately think of ‘football’ or ‘football tackle’. However it is important to remember that you can get concussions from other sports, and even car accidents. According to a study

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29 Jun, 2019

Preventing Sports Injuries 101

Exercise and fitness are important for all ages, and create dramatic changes in your overall health and well being. However, it is important for all levels of athletes and non-athletes to have proper warm-ups,  stretches, and conditioning, in order to prevent injury. Too often, sports-related injuries occur and injury could have been easily prevented had

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2 May, 2019

Recover Faster From Surgery

My doctor is recommending surgery.  How long will it take to recover?  Will I be able to work during my recovery?  If I have surgery I may be restricted from being able to walk, do laundry, take a shower, and cook along with many other everyday necessary tasks.  At some point during most of our

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3 Apr, 2019

What causes that muscle cramp or “charlie horse”?

By: Jeremy Schain, DPT Without a doubt, many of you throughout the course of your lives have suffered a“Charlie horse” or “pulled a hamstring” while running, playing a sport, performing activity or simply while going about your daily life. Have you ever wondered what causes this to occur? Furthermore, how can they be treated and how

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8 Mar, 2019

Why Stopping Activity Short Term Will Help Long Term

By: Jason Makoutz, DPT Overuse injuries are some of the most common injuries we see here at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center. Overuse injuries are most commonly thought of with sports, but they can occur from simple everyday activities. An overuse injury is simply caused by any repetitive motion or activity. Common Overuse injuries Tennis/golfers elbow

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7 Jan, 2019

How to Properly Start a Running Program

By: Angie Austin, LPTA The start of the year often triggers people to start those New Year’s resolutions and improving physical fitness or exercising more are probably towards the top of most lists. A goal as specific as running can create dramatic changes to overall health and well being. Benefits: Running is a great way

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27 Nov, 2018

What happens when your muscles don’t have proper strength?

By: Mike Bills, MS PT Typically there will be no immediate effect to not having the proper strength in a particular muscle in your body. The effects are usually more long term in the sense that “weakness” or lack of proper strength in an area results in excess friction on the bones in the joint,

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21 Nov, 2018

Avoiding high impact activities because of joint discomfort

By: Devin Wurman, DPT Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries that we see in physical therapy, whether it is sports related or just degenerative changes that occur as we age.  Some of the most common injuries are sprains and strains, osteoarthritis, ligament injuries and meniscus injuries.  All of these cause pain, weakness

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12 Nov, 2018

Want to shake up a previous workout routine?

One of the most common complaints that runners have after committing to a running program is that their running plan becomes “stale”, “predictable” or “boring.” A primary reason for these feelings is a lack of progression. Running at the same pace for the same distances or for the same duration over and over again can

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