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Category Archives: Health and Wellness

10 Dec, 2018

Is Pain Stopping You From Getting Back in the Game?

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, at least 100 million Americans are living with chronic pain (pain lasting longer than three months). As if this isn’t a troubling enough trend, in recent years, physicians have been prescribing more and more prescription pain medications, including opioids. In the year 2013 alone, physicians prescribed nearly

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27 Nov, 2018

What happens when your muscles don’t have proper strength?

By: Mike Bills, MS PT Typically there will be no immediate effect to not having the proper strength in a particular muscle in your body. The effects are usually more long term in the sense that “weakness” or lack of proper strength in an area results in excess friction on the bones in the joint,

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12 Nov, 2018

How the body needs to work to walk properly

By: Mike Bills, MS PT Walking is something that we all do everyday whether that be to simply get from one point to another or for exercise or for relaxation. Because walking is such a necessary part of daily life, it’s important to understand what should and should not be happening when we walk is

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9 Oct, 2018

Missing a good night’s sleep because of discomfort?

By: Cierra Washington, ATC Let’s take some time to talk statistics. Roughly two-thirds of Americans suffer from low back pain in particular, yet only 63 percent actually take the steps to relieve their pain, according to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Of those two-thirds, 69% say their lower back pain affected their daily lives

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2 Oct, 2018

What is bursitis and how do I know if I have it?

By: C. Ashley Border, DPT Bursitis is an inflammation of a structure called a “bursa” and most commonly occurs in knees, hips, shoulders and elbows. Pain is the number one symptom of bursitis. This pain can be deep and hard to pinpoint. It is often described as “dull and achey,” and can radiate to the surrounding areas. Bursitis

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25 Jun, 2018

How to Get Moving Safely and Effectively

It’s no secret that regular exercise is important to your overall health and being the summer season, many of us are probably trying to move more to get in shape for vacations. Exercise is defined as planned and structured physical activity with the purpose of training a specific part of the body.  So how much

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3 Apr, 2018

Walking to Improve Bone Health

By Alyssa Burke, LPTA Walking is a great step to improve bone health and fitness. Springtime is a good time to get outside and be active. What better way to kick the winter blues and enjoy the beautiful spring weather than to go for a walk! Walking is one of the easiest ways to get

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27 Feb, 2018

Stretching: Why Two Stretching Routines are Key to Good Health

By Kate Zanoni, LPTA The benefits of stretching routines reach far beyond rehabilitation. Whether you’re an athlete, sedentary, a weekend warrior, young or old, active or inactive, you will reap the value of a regular stretching routine. In general, stretching is the elongation of a muscle and is used to help prevent injury and discomfort.

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23 Jan, 2018

Feeling Off Balance?

By Devin Wurman, DPT Feeling off balance? Why? What causes us to have difficulty keeping our balance whether we’re over 65 or in our teens? We have three systems that all work together so we have good balance. We have our balance organ, which is our vestibular system in the inner ear. We have our

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2 Jan, 2018

Tips to Stick to those New Year’s Resolutions

By: Abbey Fecher, DPT Three… two… one… HAPPY NEW YEAR! The first week of the New Year is a great time to press the reset button and set some goals for your overall health and well being. Have you set any resolutions? Whether they’re related to your fitness, nutrition or even your mental health, there

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