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18 Mar, 2019

Hip Pain Impacting Weekend Plans?

By: Angie Austin, LPTA Hip problems make daily activities like simply walking difficult and painful. When you talk to your physical therapist or doctor about your hip pain, it’s important to be able to describe exactly where your pain is located. This helps confirm that your hip is actually the problem. It’s not uncommon for

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18 Mar, 2019

Turning over in bed uncomfortable?

The hip is the largest ball and socket joint in the human body. The joint consists of the head of the femur articulating with the rim of the pelvis, with a ring of cartilage (the labrum) sitting between the two bones. When functioning properly, the hip joint allows us to move our legs smoothly in

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13 Mar, 2019

Discomfort While Standing

By Devin Wurman, DPT Have you ever gotten up in the morning and felt pain in your heel when you put your foot down on the floor? You’re probably wondering why your foot would hurt after you’ve been off your feet and sleeping all night. One of the most common causes of heel pain is

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11 Mar, 2019

Difficulty Walking or Standing Up from a Chair?

By Angie Austin, LPTA Many people associate knee pain with the older population. However, we treat patients of all ages for knee pain. Whether it’s due to arthritis or an injury, it is important to know what causes that knee pain. The knee is a large hinge joint that gives you the ability to bend

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8 Mar, 2019

Why Stopping Activity Short Term Will Help Long Term

By: Jason Makoutz, DPT Overuse injuries are some of the most common injuries we see here at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center. Overuse injuries are most commonly thought of with sports, but they can occur from simple everyday activities. An overuse injury is simply caused by any repetitive motion or activity. Common Overuse injuries Tennis/golfers elbow

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27 Feb, 2019

The IT Band’s role and Preventing IT Band Syndrome

By: Alyssa Burke, PTA The IT Band is a part of body that is somewhat of a mystery to many. You’ve probably heard of the IT band. But are you confident about where it is or what it does? We’ll answer these questions today. The IT band is the abbreviation for the iliotibial band. This

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31 Jan, 2019

Dull ache or burning when you start running?

By: Kiara Holmes, ATC What is your plantar fascia? Plantar Fascia is a thick, fibrous connective tissue that covers the bottom of the foot from the heel to the base of the metatarsals. The bottom of the foot is termed the “plantar” side, hence plantar fascia. Whenever the body has inflammation somewhere, the subfix “itis”

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21 Jan, 2019

Difficulty kneeling, squatting or using stairs?

The number one complaint we hear from someone experiencing any kind of knee problem is pain under or around the knee cap. As you can imagine, this kind of pain can greatly limit your functional mobility. Some people also experience stiffness in and around the knee making it difficult to move the joint. Others also

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10 Jan, 2019

Four Reasons To Take Ankle Sprains Seriously

By: Cierra Washington, ATC It’s been estimated that roughly 25,000 people in the United States suffer from an ankle sprain every day. When most people hear the words “ankle sprain” they think of damage to the ligaments or stabilizing structure in the ankle joint. Like most injuries, there is a classification based upon the level

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7 Jan, 2019

It Bears a Large Brunt of Our Weight

By: Rachel Herrmann, DPT, PT The hip joint is one of the most stable joints in the body, but unfortunately that does not keep this joint and region of the body from developing issues and producing pain. There are multiple structures in and around the hip joint that can produce pain in this area of

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