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14 Jul, 2019

Hip Pain and Common Causes

Hip problems make doing your daily activities like walking difficult and painful. If you have experienced hip problems, you know how it can affect your quality of life and stop you from doing what you love. It is important to know the common causes of hip pain to determine what treatment can be done. What

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8 Jul, 2019

Enjoy Your Walk on the Beach This Summer

With warm weather and sunny skies, you are likely to go out to purchase a new pair of flip flops to rock on your summer vacation. While your new flip flops may be your favorite, and most comfortable pair of shoes, how much support to they actually provide? Flip flops can fall into two categories

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30 Jun, 2019

Tired of feeling like your knee going to give out?

Have you ever met someone who complains of knee pain? What about someone who feels like their knee is going to give out when they are walking, pivoting or using the stairs? Is that someone you? Many people suffer with knee pain and feelings of instability, but they just decide to live with it. You

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17 Jun, 2019

What Type of Stretching Should I do ‘Before’ Playing Sports?

You should know what type of stretching you should do both before and after playing sports or any other physical activity.  Stretching is an important part of your daily exercise routine, however, it should not be the only exercise you are doing.  Most people think that when you stretch you are elongating your muscles.  This

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16 Jun, 2019

Watch Your “Back” – You don’t Want to Slip a Disc

Chances are you or someone you know will experience some degree of back pain in your lifetime.  There are many factors that can cause individuals to experience back pain.  When we experience back problems it can bring our weekend plans to a complete stop.  Depending upon the severity of the injury, it could possibly prevent

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14 Jun, 2019

The Leg Bone’s Connected to the Knee Bone

The joints in our body have a relationship.  A “joint” refers to any location in the body in which two bones meet together.  They pick up the slack for each other when our mobility or stability is impacted in a particular area.  Remember that song ‘the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone, the knee

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10 Jun, 2019

What our walking says about our muscles and joints

When an expert assesses your walking they are looking at what referred to as your gait. This term “gait” takes into account what all of the joints in your legs and also your trunk are doing when you move one leg and stand on the other for support. Any change in your walking pattern can

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3 Jun, 2019

Computers and Phones causing your Neck Issues?

Is your computer and phone causing your neck issues?  One of the biggest contributors to neck pain and stiffness is our poor posture. A lot of us sit at a desk for work or school for several hours throughout the day. We’re often not aware of our posture. We might not have a workstation that

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2 Jun, 2019

Protect Your Shoulder when Swimming and Gardening

Now that the weather is getting better and we are finally able to say good-bye to winter, more and more of us are planning to spend an increased amount of time outdoors.  This also means that we need to be more cognizant of our bodies when participating in outside activities such as gardening and swimming. 

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31 May, 2019

Tennis or Golf Anyone?

Tennis or Golf anyone?  The weather is getting warmer and more people are headed outside, which means it’s that time of year for elbow injuries. Many people have heard of and will use terms like ‘tennis elbow’ and ‘golfer’s elbow.’ But what exactly are these conditions? Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are both overuse injuries

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