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Strengthening Weak Shoulders

Repetitive overuse of muscles in your shoulders can lead to irritation of tendons. Some examples of common repetitive activities include:

  • Gardening
  • Yard work
  • Throwing a baseball with your kids
  • Carrying or lifting things

Shoulder irritation and discomfort can also be a result of falls, forceful contact with a person or object, or other sports related injuries.

How can you protect and strength your shoulders?

  • Keep your shoulder aligned: The number one reason for injury and pain in your shoulders is from poor posture. Unaligned shoulders can be fixed through postural exercises. Poor posture weakens the rotator cuff and shoulder blade muscles, which in turn predisposes you to injury.
  • Improve your shoulder blade stability: Every time your reach to pick up something or pull, you use your shoulder blades. By strengthening your shoulder blades through exercises, you also improve the stability of your shoulder. This can eliminate discomfort by ensuring your muscles are properly guiding your shoulders movement.
  • Strengthen your rotator cuff muscle: Strong rotator cuffs help you to guide your shoulder joints through all movements throughout the day. In physical therapy there are many exercises your therapist can teach you, to help strengthen your rotator cuff muscles


Working on these three things will improve your shoulder performance and help get rid of the pain and discomfort. Our physical therapists are able to identify the exact cause of your shoulder discomfort and get you start on a plan of care, that will lead you back to your pain free lifestyle.


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