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Why are Strength and Balance so Important?

Why is Strength and Balance so important? 

Strength is directly correlated to balance because of the benefits it has on body mechanics and joint strength. As you age, you want to continue to build muscle mass to reduce the stress on your bones and joints. The more strength you have surrounding the joints, the more support they will have in your daily activities and the less you will feel the wear and tear you put on your body. By improving your body mechanics, you can also reduce the pain associated with arthritis and degeneration in our joints. 

In addition, you want to continue to improve your balance and stability with your daily activities to prevent falls and injury. Stability refers to how stable you feel while doing basic activities such as standing, walking and even advanced activity/sport.

Strength and stability can also have a positive impact on your entire body. When you build muscle mass you will burn calories more easily which will help to control weight gain. In addition, it will benefit your heart health and can even lower your blood pressure. 

Where to Start:

If you have been thinking about getting more fit and starting a workout routine, Loudoun Sports Therapy Center is the perfect place to start. Together with our Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers you will receive an evaluation of your current flexibility, strength and stability. In combination with working with our staff and performing your individualized home exercises program you will target the areas that need improved strength. By addressing the areas of weakness and creating a balance of strength and stability you will prevent injury and/or pain and you will be able to perform the activities you want to do!

What are the benefits of Improved Strength and Balance?

  • Improved Body Mechanics which can prevent injury and pain
  • Improved Joint Flexibility
  • Improved Bone Health/Weight Control
  • Improved Energy/Mood
  • Improved overall health including heart health & blood pressure 

Don’t know what to expect from Physical Therapy?

When you schedule an evaluation with us, you will receive a thorough assessment of your injury or weaknesses/imbalances. Your physical therapist will talk to you about what activities you would like to get back to and then prescribe a combination of stretches and exercises that you will learn from our experienced and educated staff that you can duplicate at home. You can expect this combination along with manual therapy techniques to improve your strength and stability. The staff at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center is committed to helping you achieve your goals. Why wait to get started when we can help you do today!

More about What to Expect from Physical Therapy:

  • Detailed Evaluation of your injury/strength/balance/flexibility/posture/gait
  • Education on your injury/pain
  • Massage/deep tissue therapy
  • Detailed instruction from professionals on stretches and exercises to improve flexibility, strength, balance and posture/gait.
  • A home exercise program that includes stretches and strengthening exercises to improve strength, balance and flexibility. 

By: Shannon O’Donnell, MS, ATC

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