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Concussion Management Program

Don’t Let a Concussion Sideline You From Doing What You Love!

The Certified Athletic Trainers at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center have developed a state of the art Concussion Management Program to ensure that those who suffer a concussion are able to safely return to their sport or activity.

Learn more about our program by watching this video:

Download the flyer and brochure below to learn more about LSTC’s Concussion Management Program:

Concussion Management Program Flyer

Concussion Management Program Brochure


Our Athletic Trainers have extensive experience working with youth, middle school, high school, and collegiate athletes.  They have also participated in multiple research studies in both Division I and III college levels.

LSTC’s program focuses on treating and managing concussions in both the athletic and general population.  The program includes five components that are based off important guidelines from current state policies.


  • Online education for all members of the club: players, parents, coaches.
    • This includes a post test for documentation of successful completion per the recent VYSA policy requirement.
  • Education sessions with coaches, club members, parents, players, etc.
    • Prevention of concussion.
    • Assessment of concussion at time of injury.
    • Protocol and management after the injury. 


  • While not currently a VYSA requirement, it is their strong recommendation to include this. The LSTC team we will work with your Club to determine the best method of baseline testing. We believe that baseline testing is an important component of post concussion management therefore baseline testing is included in all of our programs at no additional charge.


  • We will design a custom protocol for your club that will ensure that all club members (parents, club officials, coaches, etc) know what to do when an injury is suspected.
  • Our state of the art program will allow for immediate on-field management and assessment that allows for treatment to begin immediately.
  • Our expert staff have multiple years in the research and development of protocols designed to safely, accurately, and effectively handle any players injury.
  • This is an area that will place your club above all others in the region when it comes to concussion management.


  • Following any suspected injury, our expert staff will provide a full evaluation of the athlete and establish a treatment plan designed to maximize the safety and healing of the injury.
  • We would be your preferred provider for your club members and offer them premier status for scheduling appointments.
  • Treating a concussion is not a general concept. Each injury requires a specific protocol for each player who is evaluated.
  • We will conduct a follow-up, treatment, and management of the injured athlete in our facility with regards to:
    • Home and school needs.
    • Return-to-play progression
    • All other medical management of symptoms.
    • LSTC will bill the member’s private health insurance.


  • Using our state of the art, online tracking system, all parties involved will have access to the athletes current status regarding restrictions, return-to-play, etc.  This is always in real time.
  • This exceeds the requirements set for by VYSA’s recent release.
  • The club will have access to all reports as required by VYSA regulations.
  • We will manage all documentation and tracking for all aspects for the entire season and will maintain appropriate records for your club as required by VYSA.
    • Proof of all education: coaches, players, parents, club officials,, etc. including post test to ensure compliance with the program.
    • Baseline testing available to any authorized party (to include the athlete’s physician or pediatrician).
    • Access for all authorized parties to all testing, return-to-play guidelines, restrictions etc.


  1. Leave it to trained medical professionals who have years of experience dealing with concussions.  Our Athletic Trainers have years of research and experience in this area alone. 
  2. This program will handle all of the administrative requirements for Virginia Public School land as well as VYSA’s recent regulations
  3. We will ensure that the safety and education of your players, coaches, families is far beyond what any club could provide on their own. This will ensure the longevity of your players and the safe return to sport at the appropriate time.
  4. The issue of concussion management will only get more complex and detailed as more and more knowledge is gained on the subject. Leave the logistics of future developments, the administrative component and the safety of your players to LSTC, we have and will always have the expertise needed.
  5. For what amounts to less than $1 per player, your Club can have everything that VYSA has recently put into requirement and much much more. We are offering a one location solution to your concussions – from education and prevention to treatment, return to play and documentation. 

For information on a pricing plan specific to your club, please contact Mike Bills, Owner of Loudoun Sports Therapy Center, at 703-450-4300.

  • We are here to help clubs, teams, coaches, and players prevent, manage, and ensure safe return-to-play when dealing with concussions.  We will provide the following:
    • Baseline testing for all athletes registered with your club for the year.
    • Ongoing education and training needed for all club members.
    • Preferred evaluation, management, and progression of all club athletes.
      • Work with the player, family, school, club, coach, etc. to progress the athlete on the course and to safely return-to-play per protocol.
      • All care provided will be billed under their private health insurance.
    • Maintain all required documentation for the club with real time club access via our online system.

If you’ve suffered a concussion from playing a sport, doing an activity or getting in a car accident, call Loudoun Sports Therapy Center TODAY at 703-450-4300 and schedule your personalized evaluation.