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Forward Head Posture

Posture plays a huge role in all of our activities. We are so busy throughout the day that we usually don’t pay much attention to our posture, especially while we work, watch tv, or stand. The increased use of cell phones, tablets and computers has made forward head posture a problem for many and a common postural problem we see in our clinic. 

Over time, forward head posture can cause:

– Neck pain

– Decreased neck motion

– Shoulder pain

– Decreased shoulder motion

– Upper back pain

What does forward head posture look like?

Forward head posture is exactly what it sounds like. Your head starts to shift forward. Instead of your head resting with your ears in line with the sides of your shoulders, your ears will line up ahead of your shoulders.  


Why is forward head posture bad?

Over time, this posture can put a lot of stress on the joints and muscles in your neck.  As your head moves farther forward the weight of your head increases putting tremendous amounts of stress on the small muscles in your neck. This can cause those muscles to become painful and fatigue quickly which in turn can cause some to experience headaches. Some may also notice loss of motion in the neck and shoulder due to the poor alignment of those joints. Some may notice nerve problems causing paint to travel from the neck into the arms or even to the hands. 

Can PT Help?

We see patients with forward head posture in the clinic all the time. With the help of our therapists and athletic trainers, we will determine the appropriate stretches, strengthening exercises and hands on techniques specific to your needs so that we can work to strengthen you posture, reduce your pain and give you the tools you need to be aware of your posture and maintain an upright posture.

Alyssa Burke, PTA

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