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New Year, New Goals

We’re finally at 2020! A new decade, a new set of goals to achieve. At LSTC, we’re all about helping people reach their physical goals. In fact, some of the goals we helped people reach in 2019 were:

  • Back to golfing
  • Picking up a baby without pain
  • Back to running
  • Completing triathlons and the like…
  • Sleeping comfortably
  • Doing necessary household chores without wincing
  • Managing concussions and getting students back to school and sports
  • Dancing again without pain
  • Taking trips out of the country pain free
  • And so much more…

So what are your goals for 2020? Not just physical, but anything. They can be academic, athletic, spiritual, emotional, physical, health related; regardless, how are you planning to achieve them?

Here are some tips to start off the New Year right and meet whatever goals you have:

    • Be realistic– Set goals that enable you to write out a plan to get there. If you just started working out for the first time, work out getting and staying consistent before entering any competitions
    • Make daily micro changes– Daily small changes and modifications to your lifestyle will result in macro changes that you will see later on during the year and years to come
    • Record your progress– Get a journal and write down ways that you are getting closer to your goals. This will help you stay on track with your progress and keep you motivated. It will also help you to see what may not be working and what you can do differently.
    • Write down your WHY’s– Why are you making these changes? Is it for your kids? Will it increase the quality of your life? Will it free you up to focus on what matters? Will it lead to an increase in your income? Will it help you make more memories? Keep your “why’s” in front of you. Write them down and repeat them to yourself when the going gets tough.
    • Give yourself grace- Don’t be hard on yourself when you miss the mark a little. Remember that growth comes with fluctuations. The more you beat yourself up about missed goals, the less motivated you will be. Keep on moving forward and keep your eyes on the prize.
    • Include Others- Get some accountability. Include trusted friends or family members to help encourage along the way and to help you keep focused on your desires. Choose wisely and use those who know how to build you up!
    • Have fun- Don’t be so serious along the way. You won’t enjoy the journey. Laugh at yourself, make your challenges fun! Know that everything will be okay if things don’t go perfectly!

Now of course, if you’re having pain or lacking in strength, etc, we would love to see you and get you closer to goals that require movement and activity. So give us a call TODAY at, 703-450-4300 to schedule your evaluation. Good luck in the New Year!

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