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Recover Faster From Surgery

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My doctor is recommending surgery.  How long will it take to recover?  Will I be able to work during my recovery?  If I have surgery I may be restricted from being able to walk, do laundry, take a shower, and cook along with many other everyday necessary tasks.  At some point during most of our lives, we will have to undergo some type of orthopedic surgery.  It may be a joint replacement, ligament or tendon repair or even a fixation of a broken bone.

How do I get back to standing, walking, bathing, going to the movies, and enjoying sports and other hobbies and activities faster after surgery?

For most of these procedures, your doctor will recommend post-operative physical therapy.  It may seem counter-intuitive; however, in order to recover faster from surgery pre-operative physical therapy can actually be of great assistance to the recovery process and get you back to doing all the things you need to and enjoy quickly.  The purpose of pre-operative physical therapy is to optimize the body’s strength and flexibility for the rigors of a surgical procedure and to greatly improve the outcome post-operatively.  Numerous studies have shown that improved strength and flexibility pre-operatively greatly improves range of motion and does enable you to recover faster.

For example, it is extremely important to maximize the quad (front of the thigh) muscle, hip strength, knee flexibility, balance and stability prior to undergoing knee replacement surgery.  This greatly eases the recovery process by making it less tedious which increases the likelihood you will recover faster from surgery and make a full recovery.

Post-operatively, physical therapy is a must to ensure a safe and complete recovery. Surgery, itself, and the days immediately following greatly weaken the body.  In many cases, muscles and/or tendons may be cut in order to reach the operative site.

Can I just walk after hip surgery until I feel better?

This is an ill-advised recovery plan, leading to an increased risk of incomplete recovery as well as the development of pain in other parts of the body.  For example, after a total hip replacement, it is not just advisable to walk, but more importantly to gain the strength to walk with proper alignment of the hip in relation to the knee and ankle in order to avoid other low back and lower extremity injuries and to prevent a possible limp.

A physical therapist  can help guide the process and to help you strengthen specific muscles that are affected by a traumatic surgery to ensure you recover faster.

If you find yourself needing an orthopedic surgery in the future, discuss both pre and post operative physical therapy with your doctor.  Our expert Physical Therapists at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center will help to optimize your recovery with decreased pain and a faster recovery.

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