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Ever Walked With a Limp due to Knee Discomfort…

knee weakness

Knee discomfort can begin for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, knee discomfort can be attributed to a specific incident like a fall or an injury while playing sports. Knee problems can begin when you take a wrong step as you are run or walk. A knee problem could start after you walk up more stairs one day than you normally do or just by stepping down awkwardly from just one or two steps. Sometimes knee discomfort just occurs for no apparent reason.

Our everyday lives are often full of lots of movement and motions, and at one point or another we have probably experienced discomfort or pain in our knee. This could occur when running into the grocery store to pick up dinner, or from bending down to pick up our children.

It’s common to feel some kind of ache or pain and write off as a, “it will go away on its own in a day or so” kind of mentality. The problem here is that more often than not, that ‘day or so’ quickly turns into weeks and then months. Not addressing the pain leads to more pain, more compensatory movements to avoid feeling that pain, this can then hinder your ability to do daily activities.

Pain and injuries whether that be in your knee or elsewhere are often start and progress because of the following:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor muscle control
  • Poor core stability
  • Decreased balance
  • Poor lower extremity mechanics and muscle restrictions

More often than not, it is usually a combination of a lot of these factors that contribute to the onset and perpetuation of knee discomfort. If not addressed, these factors can contribute to continued wear and tear of the knee and its surrounding structures leading to pain throughout different regions of the knee, swelling and increased pain. Addressing your pain early on can help you prevent prolonged and worsening pain.

Physical therapy is a very effective treatment method to alleviate knee pain and problems.

Your knees are an important part of how you move around throughout the day and having knee pain can really slow you down. Loudoun Sports Therapy Center has certified therapists who are able to evaluate and determine the specific cause of your pain and discomfort. They can provide you with exercises and tools to help you return to your everyday life pain free!

Don’t let that knee pain slow you down any longer, give us a call at 703-450-4300 and let us help you and teach you how to get better. 

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By: Rachel Herrmann, DPT, PT


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