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Golfer’s Elbow and What to Do About it

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Golfer’s elbow, or sometimes called pitcher’s elbow, is medically defined as medial epicondylitis.

How it Occurs

This overuse injury is characterized by pain on the inside of the elbow that can radiate into the forearm. This condition occurs when inflammation affects our tendons that connect our forearm to our elbow. Golfer’s elbow usually occurs from repetitive gripping, flexing, or rotating the wrist as seen in golfers or pitchers. However, it can affect anyone who repetitively uses their hands, wrists, forearms, or elbows. 

How to Treat Golfer’s Elbow

This condition can usually go away with rest, ice, and possible bracing. If this treatment fails, physical therapy is a great way to reduce the pain and inflammation in your tendons, and hopefully prevent the tendinitis from returning. Physical therapy can help by stretching your tendons and muscles that are affected, as well as provide therapeutic massages and modalities that can aid in reducing pain and inflammation. A big part of physical therapy will be to strengthen the muscles and tendons in the forearm, hand, and wrist so that they can be able to withstand the repetitive stress placed on them. 

Why Should I Seek Help?

Golfer’s elbow can be a debilitating and antagonizing condition that is sometimes hard to overcome without the help of medical professionals. Instead of pushing through the constant pain and making the condition worse, it is more advantageous to address the issue and take care of it now. 

By Michael Herbert Jr, ATC

At Loudoun Sports Therapy Center we are able to effectively treat golfer’s elbow and give you the tools and guidance to continue strengthening on your own to prevent the injury from recurring. Call LSTC today at, 703-450-4300 to schedule your evaluation and start living pain free!

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