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Core Strength Helps Ease Lower Back Pain

Having core strength is important in your every movement and even ‘non-movement.’ Whether you’re sitting watching TV or moving around, a strong core is critical. It makes performing physical activities as well as daily movements easier. A strong core impacts how our upper and lower body functions. Think of a tree, a tree must have a strong trunk so that it can hold up with branches and support its roots underground. Without a strong trunk, the tree would bend over or break from the weight of the branches. The same is true for you! In order for you so effectively move and perform daily tasks your core (or trunk) must be strong!

What else makes up the core?

The core must be one of the most complex features of the human body. Everything you do involves the core. A lot of people think the core is just the abdominal muscles. But that’s only a small component of the core. Your core consists of the following:

  • Your abdominal muscles
  • Your hip muscles
  • Your back muscles
  • The muscles that surround your pelvis.

The impact of lacking core strength:

A lack of core strength can transition over to other body parts because there is not enough strength to support anything that’s going on below. A common thing we see with lack of core strength is the presence of lower back pain. Lower back pain can cause discomfort in day-to-day activities such as, sitting, standing, and bending over. When treating lower back pain, it is important to address body mechanics and more importantly increase core strength. A stronger core is one of the most effective ways to help ease lower back pain.

How can physical therapy help?

When you are sitting for long periods of time and not getting up and moving, your spine starts to think that bent, and slouched position is the only position. Physical therapy can help train your spine to move in all directions properly, and can help to strengthen your core.

By Alyssa Burke, LPTA and Devin Wurman, DPT

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