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Category Archives: Concussion

22 May, 2018

Concussion Signs, Symptoms and Red Flags

By Kieran Loving, ATC It seems everywhere you turn you see something about concussions and head injuries in the news, sports or media. However, there is still lots of confusion and misunderstanding surrounding concussions. What is a concussion? Why does it happen? What do we do to treat it? Most people believe that a concussion

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27 Jul, 2017

Fall Sports Prep: Keep Concussions from Sidelining Your Athlete

By Tricia Walker, ATC The first day of school is quickly approaching which mean fall sports tryouts are right around the corner. Some local football leagues are already holding tryouts! As the fall sports season gets started, a lot of parents and coaches should start thinking about the possibility of their athlete sustaining some type

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21 Feb, 2017

Concussions: What to Look for When Your Athlete isn’t Telling the Whole Story

By Tricia Walker, ATC Overtime, sports have become more competitive. With this driving force, athletes are becoming less likely to report injuries or report when they are feeling pain to avoid being taken out of the game or missing practices. Concussion reporting has followed this same trend. According to a study published in the Journal

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25 Oct, 2016

Returning To School After a Concussion

By Tricia Walker, ATC When an athlete has suffered a concussion, the first thing that the athlete is thinking about is when they will be able to play his or her sport again. Returning to school is an activity that is usually looked past because in the athlete’s mind, school shouldn’t cause them any problem.

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11 Oct, 2016

How Many Concussions Go Unreported?

By Tricia Walker, ATC Your team is up by one. There’s less than a minute to play. The crowd is cheering; you’re exhausted but running on adrenaline. All of sudden, you take a hit, fall backwards and your head hits the ground. For just a minute, you feel disoriented. But that’s nothing to worry about,

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27 Sep, 2016

How Often Do Concussions Occur?

By Tricia Walker, ATC What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘concussion’? Probably ‘football’ or ‘football tackle’ or something related to that, right? While tackles in football certainly do account for concussions that happen among athletes, it’s important to remember that you can get a concussion playing other sports

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