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16 Apr, 2020

Concussions: Nutrition Guidelines

Recovering from a concussion requires more than just sitting out from sports and limiting screen time. Eating healthy and maintaining good nutrition is equally important. Here are some things to keep in mind: Increase whole foods Vegetables (baked, sautéed, raw) Fruit Whole Grains (whole wheat, oats, brown rice, quinoa) Proteins (meats, beans, legumes, nuts, full

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6 Apr, 2020

Signs and Symptoms of Concussions

Most people think that in order to have a concussion you must “black out” or lose consciousness, however this is not as common as people think. There are many other signs and symptoms of a concussion. The key to treating concussions, is being able to identify them early on to avoid further injury to our

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28 Jan, 2020

Nutrition for Concussion Management

The body was created to heal itself under the right conditions. With any injury, an inflammatory process begins to help repair and realign tissue that has been disrupted in some way. The body begins this process on its own, but is aided with the help of proper nutrition. What you place in your body can

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9 Jan, 2020

When In Doubt, Go Get Checked Out!

Concussions are gaining more and more attention as more research is being done about this often ambiguous subject. In the past, athletes were often said to have gotten their “bell rung” or were considered to have gotten “lit up” after a hard hit in a contact sport. Unfortunately, many were told to “shake it off”

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11 Dec, 2019

The Effect of Concussions on Various Systems

Contrary to common belief, concussions can have an effect on multiple systems in the body. The diagram above breaks down the various systems that can be affected by a concussion. One system can drive the other and symptoms can present differently for each individual.  Here is how concussions can affect each system: Vestibulo-ocular Vestibular- Common

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15 Nov, 2019

What to do About a Concussion

Many people think that a concussion only happens in football games or car crashes.  But the truth is, all athletes are at just as high a risk for these brain injuries. So how do you reduce the risk of you or your athletes getting sidelined by a concussion? What is a Concussion and How Does

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27 Sep, 2019

Concussion Management at LSTC

What is a concussion? A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that alters the way our brain functions. When the brain sustains trauma, it is our body’s natural reaction to respond and in doing so, the body releases chemicals to help in the healing process. These chemical alterations cause a change in the blood flow

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26 Aug, 2019

Reducing Negative Impacts of Concussions

Your days have probably gotten a lot busier with the start of school and fall sports season in full swing. But as sports practices ramp up, so does your risk of injury.  You may think that a concussion only happens in football games or car crashes.  But the truth is, any sports players are at

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23 Jul, 2019

Safely Returning to Play

If you have participated in sports there is a good chance that you, or one of your teammates, have suffered from a concussion. Concussion research is steadily growing and health clinicians are gaining more insight about the best practices for athletes who have sustained a concussion. While there are various factors to consider, evaluate, and

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10 Jun, 2019

Could I Have a Concussion?  Signs and Symptoms

The first thing that might come to mind when you hear the word ‘concussion is probably ‘football’.  While tackles in football certainly do account for concussions that happen among athletes, you can get a concussion playing other sports too. Concussions can halt you in your tracks and keep you from your daily activities.  If you

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