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Category Archives: Joint Pain

3 Jun, 2020

Knee Ligament Injuries: Sprains & Tears

“Oh man, I think I just felt something pop in my knee!” This is a common statement made by those who have just experienced a ligamentous injury in their knee. The knee joint is made up of: Three bones Tibia Patella Femur Menisci Ligaments.  Ligaments in Our Knees: There are four main ligaments that provide

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2 Jun, 2020

The Why and Where of Arthritis

Pain due to arthritis is often chronic, and can cause very dull, achy and stiff feeling joints. Often times, the stiffness and achiness is worse after staying in one position for a prolonged period of time. For example: Sitting Sleeping Standing Why does arthritis happen and where? Arthritis commonly happens due to normal joint changes

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29 May, 2020

“Un-Freezing” That Shoulder

What is Frozen Shoulder? Adhesive Capsulitis, or “Frozen Shoulder” is a condition in which the shoulder and the surrounding tissues thickens, which ultimately leads to: Stiffness Decreased range of motion Inability to move one’s arm Frozen shoulder often prevents you from doing everyday activities or the things you love to do. How Does Frozen Shoulder

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28 May, 2020

Persistent Knee Discomfort and the Road to Relief

Don’t let persistent KNEE PAIN hold you back… Knee pain is something that everyone will experience at some point in their lifetime. Having knee pain can be the result of many factors and affects all ages. We as physical therapy clinicians work with patients to educate them about their problem in addition to how it

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13 May, 2020

SIck of the Pain

The SI is the sacroiliac joint where the sacrum (lowest part of the spine) and the Ilium come together. This joint helps to transmit forces from the upper body to the lower body.  Ligaments connect the two bones together making up the pelvis.  There is generally very little motion at this joint. When there is

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11 May, 2020

Hip Pain and Fractures and Tears, Oh My!

Let’s talk about pain… When talking with your physical therapist or your doctor about your hip pain it’s important to be able to describe exactly where your pain is located to help confirm that your hip is actually the problem. It’s not uncommon to hear “My hip hurts!” when in turn it may actually be

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7 May, 2020

Difference Between Hip Bursitis and Tendonitis

Have you ever woken up one morning and had pain on the outside of your hip? I’m sure you went online to try to figure out what was causing the pain and have seen a lot about “bursitis” or “tendonitis.”  Well, which one is it? Let’s start at the beginning! A tendon is the attachment

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7 May, 2020

The Beginnings of Knee Arthritis

What does “wear and tear” mean? When we mention “wear and tear” it typically references normal stress we put on joints such as our knees from just living a relatively normal life. The average person exercises 2-3 times per week with moderate aerobic and resistance exercise. They also likely sit or stand more than 5-6

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30 Apr, 2020

Knee Weakness Common in All Age Groups

Weakness in the knee is a common problem for every age group and one we treat often at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center.  Symptoms Our patients typically report: Pain in the front of the knee Pain with prolonged standing Pain with walking or running  Pain when they are getting out of the car or rotating/twisting the

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15 Apr, 2020

Knee Issues: Treatment

Knee pain is a issue in people of all ages. It can start as a result of a minor injury or after exercise. Often with overuse or exercise induced pain it will generally resolve in a few days however with sports specific or fall type injuries it may not get better and require an immediate

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