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Category Archives: Joint Pain

14 Jan, 2020

Joint Stiffness and How to Cure it

Defining Joint Stiffness At some point or another in life we experience joint stiffness. This is a situation in the body where we feel tightness in the parts of our body that bend like; the elbows, wrists, shoulders, hips, knees, neck, lower back, and ankles. Common Causes of Joint Stiffness: muscular tightness capsular/ligamentous tightness muscle

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18 Dec, 2019

Natural Ways to Beat Joint Pain

Our joints rely on the ability to move properly, have adequate muscle support and to be well-lubricated. When any of these points suffer, increased pressure is created in the joint causing the cartilage to rub together. This can lead to our joint cartilage wearing down and arthritis. Joint pain debilitates millions of people annually and

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10 Dec, 2019

How Hip Pain Impacts Our Lives

Hip pain is a very common problem which can cause difficulty with many daily activities. A common complaint is pain localized to the hip joint and muscles surrounding the joint. Some people also experience stiffness in and around the hip and the lower back.  Impacts on Our Lives: Hip pain causes difficulty moving the joint

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10 Dec, 2019

Strengthen, Lengthen, and Reduce Pain in Our Joints

Joint health is something that ALL ages need to be concerned about, not just older populations. The more we educate ourselves, the less likely we are to develop joint conditions like arthritis or general joint pain and stiffness. Healthy joints are key to living a pain free life. Unfortunately, nearly half of Americans over the

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8 Nov, 2019

That Pinching in Our Shoulder

What is shoulder impingement? When the muscles of our rotator cuff become subjected to repeated pinching in between the rounded head of the humerus bone and the acromion process (a bony prominence from the shoulder blade that forms a roof over top of the ball and socket joint) shoulder impingement is occuring. This pinching may

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5 Nov, 2019

Bursitis Pain and How it Occurs

Let’s Start by Defining Bursitis. Our bodies are amazing and have been equipped to deal with our bones rubbing or grinding together because we have ‘joint pillows’. Bursae are thin, lubricated cushions located at points of friction between a bone and the surrounding soft tissue. They are found all over our body including the shoulders,

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29 Oct, 2019

The Impact of Knee Pain

Any kind of knee pain or stiffness makes simple daily activities such as walking, going up or down the stairs, squatting, and standing up from a chair, difficult. The number one complaint from someone experiencing any kind of knee problem is pain under or around the knee cap. This type of pain can greatly limit

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23 Sep, 2019

Hip, Knee, and Ankle Joints Are All Affecting Us

The knee joint is the second most complicated joint in our body and has to move in many directions. The knee and hip work in tandem allowing us to walk, run, squat and kneel. When either our hip, knee or ankle have problems moving, the other joints can be strained causing pain. Therefore, even if

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20 Sep, 2019

Your Pain Might Be From Tendonitis or Bursitis

You will experience some episode of pain at one point or another during your life. It’s common for a quick scan of the internet or visit to a doctor to reveal a vague diagnosis of tendonitis or bursitis as the primary cause of that pain. While these works may or may not reflect the correct

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18 Sep, 2019

Here’s Why Our Hip Hurts

Hip problems can make our daily activities such as walking, difficult and painful. The most common causes of hip pain are due to wear and tear, and overuse. This means that most hip problems are the result of repetitive movements we do on a daily basis. Because this joint is necessary for weight bearing activities

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