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5 Mar, 2020

The Truth Behind Our Hip Pain

Causes of Hip Pain There are multiple structures in and around the hip joint that can produce pain in this area of the body: Labrum– the ring of cartilage around the rim of the socket of the hip joint. Tears can produce symptoms of catching, locking or giving out of the hip. Hip abnormalities– abnormalities

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4 Mar, 2020

Why We Should Strengthen Our Hips

Many people suffer from low back and hip pain and don’t even realize how much hip strength can influence these conditions. The hip abductors are one of the most influential muscle groups in the body and are an integral part of your body’s overall health.  What are our hip abductors? The hip abductors consist of:

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9 Jan, 2020

Protecting Our Hips from IT Band Problems

The IT Band and Surrounding Muscles There are a number of muscles on the outside of our hip that attach to the IT band. The job of all of these muscles is: To keep the hip joint structures open Help support the joint Create the movement of the joint. Most commonly what happens when we

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17 Dec, 2019

Hip injuries and How They Affect Our Everyday Lives

Hip injuries and discomfort affect people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, because the hip is a weight bearing joint, most people find difficulty in creating lasting relief for their symptoms. As with most issues of pain, the common reaction is to cover up the problem with a band-aid such as taking some painkillers or

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10 Dec, 2019

How Hip Pain Impacts Our Lives

Hip pain is a very common problem which can cause difficulty with many daily activities. A common complaint is pain localized to the hip joint and muscles surrounding the joint. Some people also experience stiffness in and around the hip and the lower back.  Impacts on Our Lives: Hip pain causes difficulty moving the joint

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18 Sep, 2019

Here’s Why Our Hip Hurts

Hip problems can make our daily activities such as walking, difficult and painful. The most common causes of hip pain are due to wear and tear, and overuse. This means that most hip problems are the result of repetitive movements we do on a daily basis. Because this joint is necessary for weight bearing activities

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19 Aug, 2019

What is the IT Band…

Unless you’re an avid runner, into cycling or repetitively walking long distances, it’s likely that you’ve never heard of this band of tissue. The IT band is a long, thick band of tissue that runs along the outside of the upper leg extending across the knee joint and attaching to the shin. You notice I

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29 Jul, 2019

Your SI Joint is Crucial to Enjoy Everyday Life

You probably take for granted being able to sit, stand, walk and roll over in bed. When you have problems with your sacroiliac joint, these everyday movements can become painful or even feel impossible. What does your SI joint do? Your sacroiliac (SI) joint connects your hip bones to the sacrum. When functioning properly, these

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24 Jul, 2019

Are Your Hips Making Everyday Life Hard?

You may have experienced stiffness in or around your hips or even your lower back. These issues create difficulty moving the joint and cause generalized weakness in the affected leg. Having pain or stiffness in your hip can cause difficulty with the following functional activities: Walking Going up and down stairs Squatting Standing up from

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22 Jul, 2019

Are Your Hips Affecting Your Back?

Believe it or not, your hips play a large role in the health of your back and limited hip mobility can cause back pain.  Do you have an aching back at the end of the day and wonder where the source of your pain is coming from? You are not alone! More than 80 percent of the

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