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Category Archives: Headaches

6 Mar, 2019

Ever had a nagging headache that just wouldn’t go away?

By: C. Ashley Border, DPT Ever had a nagging headache that just wouldn’t go away? Headaches can start for a variety of causes including muscular tension and weakness in the neck, stress, dehydration or low blood sugar, outdated reading glass prescriptions, or something sinister like a stroke, head injury, or other systemic problems in the body.

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29 Nov, 2018

How Physical Therapy Can Get Rid of Your Headaches

By: Angie Austin, LPTA Headaches are something we have probably all experienced at some point in our lives. In fact, some people experience daily headaches. A headache is associated with pain anywhere in the head or scalp. Sometimes, pain occurs in the neck. The symptoms of a headache can range from an ache or tension-like

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9 Oct, 2018

Why isn’t heat, massage getting rid of that headache for good?

By Mike Bills, MS PT The problem with headaches is that typically, the small muscles in our neck and those covering our skull have gotten into a more permanent state of tightness and pressure. This is why our headaches will often go away for a day or two but then come back. Just like all

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28 Aug, 2018

Ever experienced Recurring Headaches or Migraines?

By Mike Bills, MS PT Many of us have probably experienced a headache at one point or another and some of us may have even experienced migraines. What exactly is a headache? In its simplest form, a headache is pressure from something on your brain. A headache can be broken down into two main causes:

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27 Apr, 2018

Three tips to stand up straighter with less discomfort

By: Devin Wurman, DPT These days, more people are working sedentary jobs at a desk and/or using mobile technology for their day to day communications. Think about how you sit when you do these things. How is your posture? It’s so easy for us to slip into a poor posture when we’re mindlessly reading emails

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13 Apr, 2018

Tight Muscles or Knots

By Kate Zanoni, LPTA Neck problems, neck spasms and general neck pain are common complaints in the orthopedic rehab world, and we’ve certainly treated our share of patients who suffer from various conditions related to neck pain at LSTC. With the high prevalence of desk jobs, the influx of cell phone use, computer use and

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6 Mar, 2018

5 Causes of Poor Posture

By Alyssa Burke, LPTA I don’t know about you, but growing up I constantly heard “stand up straight”, “don’t slouch”, “keep your shoulders back”. Good posture is something that we are taught but don’t always think about as we carry on with our daily activities until we start to notice aches and pains. It’s often

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9 Nov, 2017

Don’t Turn Away from that ‘Crick in the Neck’

By Mike Bills, MS PT A ‘crick in the neck’, neck discomfort, pain in the neck, knots in the neck. Whatever you call it, neck pain is not fun! So why do we get that discomfort in our necks and how can we take care of it? There are some common causes for neck discomfort.

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28 Jun, 2017

Neck Pain: How to Fix this ‘Pain in the Neck’

By Abbey Fecher, DPT Neck problems are becoming more common due our sedentary lifestyles. How often do we use computers and phones throughout the day? Now think about your posture whenever you use these devices. Chances are, there’s probably room for improvement there. Posture plays a large role in maintaining neck health and limits your

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11 Oct, 2016

How Many Concussions Go Unreported?

By Tricia Walker, ATC Your team is up by one. There’s less than a minute to play. The crowd is cheering; you’re exhausted but running on adrenaline. All of sudden, you take a hit, fall backwards and your head hits the ground. For just a minute, you feel disoriented. But that’s nothing to worry about,

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