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Bursitis Pain and How it Occurs

Let’s Start by Defining Bursitis.

Our bodies are amazing and have been equipped to deal with our bones rubbing or grinding together because we have ‘joint pillows’.

Bursae are thin, lubricated cushions located at points of friction between a bone and the surrounding soft tissue. They are found all over our body including the shoulders, knees, hips, heels and elbows. These sacs cushion and lubricate our bones so they don’t grind away.

How it Occurs

Bursitis occurs when these sacs or bursae become inflamed and irritated. This is usually associated with the following symptoms:  

  • Aches or stiffness
  • Increased pain when you move that body part or or press on it
  • Swelling or redness in the area

Bursitis most commonly effects the following body parts:

  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Heels
  • Elbows

Reducing the Severity of Your Bursitis

While not all types of bursitis can be prevented, you can reduce your risk and severity of flare-ups by changing the way you do certain tasks. Here a few examples:

  • Use kneeling pads: Use some type of padding to reduce pressure on your knees if your job or hobby requires a lot of kneeling.
  • Lift properly: Bend your knees when you lift. Failing to do so puts extra stress on the bursae in your hips.
  • Wheel heavy loads: Carrying heavy loads put stress on the bursae in your shoulders. Use a dolly or a wheeled cart instead.
  • Take frequent breaks: Alternate repetitive tasks with rest or other activities.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: Being overweight places more stress on your joints.
  • Exercise: Strengthening your muscles can help protect your affected joint.
  • Warm up and stretch: Doing so before strenuous activities to protect your joints from injury.

How Physical Therapy Can Help

Physical therapy can help create a personalized plan and implement techniques that can help you return to your daily activities. It starts with a thorough, personalized evaluation to determine the exact points in your life that are causing your bursitis. Our expert physical therapists at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center will talk with you about areas of your home and work life to determine the best plan of care for you to start living pain free again

By Kieran Loving, ATC

Let Loudoun Sports Therapy Center help you handle your bursitis and get back to the things you love to do pain free! Call 703-450-4300 to schedule your evaluation!

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