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Don’t Let Faulty Body Mechanics Ruin Your Day!

body mechanics

I’m sure you or someone you know has had lower back pain at some point in there lives. The majority of low back pain is caused by repeated trauma or repeated movements, decreased flexibility, poor core strength or general muscle weakness. But the one thing people don’t understand a lot about is how body mechanics can attribute to pain.

What exactly are body mechanics???

Body mechanics is a term that describes the way we move and carry out our daily lives. This is all your everyday postures which include how we hold and position our bodies when we:

  • sit
  • stand
  • lift
  • carry
  • bend or squat
  • sleep

Over time poor mechanics or repeated stress can increase the wear and tear or progress degenerative changes of the spine or other joints. Poor mechanics is most often in reference to the spine but it can also refer to other joints in the body. For example when you squat with poor mechanics it can lead to a degenerative changes in the knee. Or if you tend to lift overhead or throw with poor posture/mechanics it can result in shoulder pain.

With that being said a very important part of physical therapy is learning how to properly move our bodies to prevent injury.

Basic Tips:

  • Stand up straight!
  • Make sure your work station is ergonomically up to standard
  • If you are required to sit a lot get up and move frequently
  • Caution with heavy lifting
  • Learn proper lifting mechanics
  • Make sure you use good form when in the gym/working out

*Proper body mechanics are important in keeping your body healthy and functioning properly, it’s easy to incorporate these tips into your daily lives. 

**Good body mechanics means using the body’s strength to the best mechanical advantage to do a task efficiently and without injury.

If your experiencing pain it is most likely due to a mechanical issue which can be corrected with physical therapy. Let our clinicians here at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center evaluate your issue and get you on track with a good strengthening program to address your faulty mechanics and teach you how to prevent future injury! 

If you are having any type of pain come see us at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center. We can help treat your symptoms and get you back to living a pain free life. Call us today at, 703-450-4300 to schedule your evaluation!

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