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What are the Benefits of Pre and Post-Op Physical Therapy?

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You may have had surgery or will have to get surgery in the future, and will have some encounter with physical therapy. What you may not know is how beneficial physical therapy is, both before and after surgery.

Pre-op Physical Therapy:

When dealing with diagnoses such as osteoarthritis, back and neck pain, meniscal tears, or shoulder impingement, Physical Therapy can improve your symptoms, range of motion, and function.  Patients that go into surgery after receiving physical therapy first, have better outcomes than patients who do not receive physical therapy.  Exercises are provided to improve strength, balance, and reduce pain levels. Patients also have a better understanding of what to expect after surgery. In addition, patients can be trained in assistive device use (canes, crutches, walkers), which leads to a smoother transition post surgery.   

Post-op Physical Therapy:

After having surgery, physical therapy can significantly shorten the recovery process.  We spend countless hours on patient education, swelling reduction, and pain management to get you back to your prior level of function.  Moving after surgery is extremely important. It’s also important to know HOW to move. Too little movement can lead to scarring down of incisions, restricted mobility, dependency on assistive devices, and possibly unresolved pain.  In addition, physical therapists are trained to look out for red flags such as blood clots and infections.

Physical therapists can also guide you on the proper exercises and progression of exercises as well as walking without an assistive device if appropriate.  They are also specially trained in hands on techniques that you are unable to perform on your own. More importantly, physical therapists are experts in returning you to your normal function, whether that is walking, decreasing pain, getting back to the gym, or returning to a sport.  Your goals are important, and physical therapy is intended to help you achieve those goals!

Who wants to go under the knife without trying everything possible before resorting to invasive surgery?? Regardless of your situation, physical therapy is a great starting place to gain more information, strengthen your muscles before surgery, and get you back to doing what you love!

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