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Get warm for the colder season! 

In the warmer months, it easier for our bodies to warm up to the activities and stresses we place on them. However, as a therapist, I do begin to see more patients, especially back related injuries in the latter half the year. Why is that?

One thing that doesn’t tend to like to change is our activity level.

We all have our hobbies and passions that we would pursue 24/7 if we had the time and energy. However, similar activity level plus colder weather can be a bad combination, especially when paired with poor lifting mechanics, which may be masked by the warmer weather.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are unforeseen and can happen in an instant; however, there typically is an underlying cause whether it be muscular weakness, poor muscular endurance, faults with lifting mechanics, or you’re just picking up too much weight!  

Did you know there are various types of lifting forms all with their own pro’s and con’s? During PT we can teach you these techniques and educate you on when to perform each lift depending on your needs. We also help develop a personalized core and LE strengthening program to improve and maintain your strength to help prepare you for 2020!

By Allen Qian, DPT

Don’t let back pain control your colder weather activities! Call LSTC today at, 703-450-4300 to schedule your evaluation. Get back to living PAIN FREE!

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There are many ways to stay active, while remaining injury free during the colder seasons. Looking to start Martial Arts? Here’s more info. about VICTORY MARTIAL ARTS!

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