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Sports Performance Program

Our main goal is to help you play better and prevent common sports injuries.

At Loudoun Sports Therapy Center our Sports Performance Program was developed to help our local Loudoun and Fairfax County athletes improve their game and avoid physical therapy. Yes, you read that correctly; a physical therapy clinic wants you to avoid needing physical therapy!

sports performance program

Have you or someone you love experienced one of these issues?

  • Suffered a prior sports-related injury?
  • Previously had an injury of any kind?
  • Had pain during training or workouts?
  • Recently started a new sport season (or will be soon)?
  • Training for a new sport / competition?
  • Known someone who had a season ending injury?


Recognizing causes of sports injuries:

Injury occurs when one of two factors are present:

TRAUMAAcute trauma is an injury that occurs due to force from a collision, fall, or tackle. Usually this type of injury is easy to identify because we know exactly when the injury occurs. There is immediate sharp pain and swelling and it typically leads to a trip to the Emergency Room. Some examples of an acute trauma would be a sprain, ligament tear – like the ACL, or a fracture. While not all sports are contact sports, direct trauma is a significant possibility in any sport.  

REPETITIVE ACTIONS: Most sport and athletic competition involves repetitive motion. Baseball, soccer, marathons, tennis, football, and many more, all involve some form of  repetitive  movement.  From throwing a baseball to running 26 miles, controlling the effects of  repetitious movement and impact will  significantly decrease your risk of injury. We call these overuse injuries.

Overuse injuries are harder to identify and they usually get worse before an athlete seeks treatment. The main complaint is a deep aching pain in the joint and its surrounding tissues. Because there was no  immediate cause of injury, athletes have a tendency to brush it off as muscle soreness and so the repeated stress to the joint and its surrounding tissue continues. This makes the athlete more prone to additional     injury if not treated properly. Some examples of overuse injuries include: tendonitis, shin splints, strains, and bursitis.

Overuse injuries usually occur due to:

  • Muscle weakness and / or imbalance
  • An abrupt increase in training intensity
  • Repeatedly doing the same exercise

For young athletes an injury means time away from their sport or activity of choice – potentially spending weeks resting or sitting on the sidelines instead of being in the game. This can be frustrating and also a source of depression.

For adults, exercise is an important part of life in order to maintain or improve your overall health. You don’t have to be a competitive athlete to suffer a sports injury. In fact, those individuals most susceptible to sports injuries are people who have just started exercising or do it on a recreational level; your typical  weekend warrior.

This occurs due to starting an intense exercise program too abruptly or increasing your level of exercise too quickly. And the joints and their supporting muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments aren’t prepared for the heavy load being exerted.

Studies show that athletes who have been assessed prior to the start of each season and trained appropriately prior to and during the season are 75% less likely to be injured or experience pain during their season / competition. This is primarily because their joints, muscles, and ligaments are better able to absorb the repetitive actions or the impact when trauma does occur.

Interested in a custom Sports Performance Program developed for you or your athlete? Call us today at 703-450-4300 and schedule your one-on-one session with one of our certified Athletic Trainers. 

Are you a coach or team manager? Are you interested in having a sports performance program developed for your team? Our ATCs will develop a personalized program for your team and assist you in implementing it. Call today to find out more.


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