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Don’t turn away from this discomfort


Neck pain is a very common problem for every age group and one we treat often at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center. Our patients will typically complain about pain along the middle of the neck, pain in the middle of the back and pain radiating into the top of the shoulder along the upper trapezius muscle which, can also radiate down your arm into the fingers. These symptoms often cause the patient to have difficulty sitting, sleeping and turning their neck. Think about driving. This kind of pain can create a lot of problems with your day to day activities. Even lifting a small coffee mug could get painful because of how you are having to compensate for your neck pain so you use poor body mechanics.

If neck pain is not taken care of, it can cause other dysfunction up and down the chain such as lower back and shoulder pain and headaches. The majority of patients with neck pain also suffer from headaches due to the referral pattern of the neck muscles. The good news is, neck pain is something that can often be easily resolved with physical therapy. A physical therapist can determine what is causing your pain or dysfunction so you can understand how to correct the problem and treat the symptoms.

So what causes neck pain? This condition can stem from several factors but common ones include:

  • Poor posture
  • Poor ergonomics when sitting at a desk, standing or driving
  • Poor lifting techniques
  • Weakness
  • Degeneration

Physical therapy is a very effective treatment method to relieve neck pain, which can help improve joint mobility and posture. Physical therapy can also help decrease muscle tightness and improve cervical stability which all in turn help decrease pain and inflammation. With physical therapy intervention, it can help restore your quality of life and return you to your prior level of function. Call our office TODAY and start addressing your neck problems. CLICK HERE for more on how to handle neck stiffness and discomfort.

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