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3 Common Knee Problems We See

If  you are concerned that you might have or have been recently diagnosed with one of these issues, consider a visit to Physical Therapy! We can make sure that you are appropriate for therapy and walk you through the process of improving your wellness and decreasing pain.

Patellar pain:

This refers to pain behind or around the knee cap, and is quite common especially with active people, but can also happen in people who are less active and sit most of the day. Often times, the pain will increase when you sit with knees bent for a long time.

How we help this:

Typically, pain around the knee cap can be helped by specific muscle strengthening and stretching. Everyone is different and there can be different muscles that cause this issue, so coming in for an evaluation with a physical therapist is ideal. Many times weak hip muscles can be a large part of the problem and will be assessed during the evaluation.

Arthritic pain:

This is a very common type of pain we see because it happens to nearly everyone as we age. Some people are more predisposed than others to have arthritic pain in their knees due to their lifestyle or genetic factors.

How we help this:

Often times, if we catch arthritis early enough we can eliminate most of your pain resulting from arthritis. For those patients whose arthritis is more advanced, we can certainly improve pain by increasing the range of motion of the joint and strength of leg and hip muscles. Many times, we can slow down the progression of arthritis and prolong a knee replacement surgery. 

Meniscus tear/ACL tears:

These tend to be common in professional, recreational or school athletes. Often times they can be a result of “noncontact injuries”, which means you twist or turn while running or land wrong while jumping and that can cause a meniscus tear and/or and ACL tear.

For those who may not know, the ACL is an abbreviation for the anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament is in the center of the knee joint and prevents your knee from becoming unstable when walking, running, jumping etc. 

The meniscus is also in the knee joint and is a very fibrous and tough cartilage (similar to the cartilage in your ear) that is on the tibia or your lower leg bone. This cartilage can get torn and cause clicking, popping, locking of the knee after due to the flap of cartilage poking up into the joint space and rubbing on the femur or the top leg bone.

How we help this:

Many times severity can determine if you will need surgery for an ACL or meniscus tear. If the tear is bad enough and you lose stability in the knee despite a bout of PT to strengthen the muscles, surgery will likely be necessary. After surgery, we will work on improving range of motion, and general strengthening of all the leg muscles as you will likely be in a brace for an extended period of time while walking.

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By Leigh Taylor, DPT

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