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Upcoming Workshops

  • Lower Back Pain Workshop

    Lower Back Pain Workshop

    Saturday, October 7th

    1 You’ve missed work due to sciatica or back pain. 2 You’ve missed out on family vacations or activities you love because you’re afraid of aggravating your pain. 3 You’re afraid your pain will continue to get worse if...

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  • Running & Injury Prevention Workshop

    Saturday, October 21st

    1 You haven’t been able to run due to pain. 2 You want to learn the best way to handle a running injury. 3 You want to learn how to avoid future running injuries. 4 You’ve TRIED EVERYTHING else and just...

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  • Injury Prevention for Athletes Workshop

    Saturday, November 4th

    1 How to effectively condition your athletes with specific, age-appropriate activities. 2 How to recognize and test their risk for injury 3 What to do to avoid injuries and keep them in the game 4 Stretches and exercises to...

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