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Cycling Program

Injury Prevention and Physical Therapy for Cyclists

Common cycling injuries should NOT stop you from riding!

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Download the brochure below to learn more about how LSTC’s cycling program can help you ride pain free:

Injury Prevention and Physical Therapy for Cyclists Brochure


  • A full evaluation of your strength, flexibility, posture and joint integrity billed through your health insurance
  • Specialized testing to identify specific areas of weakness and muscle imbalances as well as the cause of injuries or areas of potential injury
  • A comprehensive, personalized treatment plan of care, including a progressive home exercise program
  • Once treatment is completed, we offer an additional program to improve endurance, biomechanics, strength, flexibility and overall performance (Additional fees apply)

How Can Cyclists Benefit From Physical Therapy?

A full injury assessment and evaluation will focus on your recreational or training   practices, cycling form, flexibility, mobility and strength, as well as joint integrity.

Physical Therapy Will Address:

  • Strength and flexibility
  • Range of motion insufficiencies
  • Postural deficits
  • Poorly-fitted bicycles
  • Previously untreated injuries

Whether you are a novice rider or a veteran competitor, LSTC’s therapists will help you get back on your bike so you can enjoy leisurely riding, road biking, training for a triathlon, or riding the local trails PAIN FREE! Call TODAY at 703-450-4300 and schedule your personalized evaluation!