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Welcome to Loudoun Sports Therapy Center’s new website and blog. As it is our mission to provide our patients with the highest quality of care at all times, we are branching out to the internet to provide more services to educate our patients and the community. If you ask a physical therapist why they chose their profession, the inevitable answer will be “to help people”. And that’s exactly what we do. Physical Therapy provides the patient with the care and education needed to non-invasively reduce pain and inflammation, improve range of motion and strength, and regain function needed to have a high quality of life. At Loudoun Sports Therapy Center, we are striving to be the best practice in our community. Our therapists are outstanding! Not only do they put their patients first, but they each have a specific clinical area that they are focusing on which allows us to provide more specific care to our patients. Some of the programs we offer include: sport specific training and injury prevention education, vestibular rehabilitation, balance a falls intervention, pre- and post surgical rehabilitation, dancer specific rehab and injury prevention, and a runners program. Call us today 703-450-4300 for more information. We are working every day to live up to our motto. “We Care. We Listen. We Get RESULTS!”