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11 Sep, 2020

Bone Health and Fitness by Walking

Walking is a great step to improve bone health and fitness. It is one of the easiest ways to get a workout and it offers many physical and mental health benefits. So, lace up your shoes and go for a walk. Bones and Muscles Strength Walking is a low impact exercise, which means that it

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24 Aug, 2020

Knees Hurting When You Get Up Off the Floor?

Getting onto and off the floor forces us to put our knees in a bent position and put significant force through the joint. It also requires good leg and hip strength to be able to push yourself up into a standing position again from the floor. There are a few common knee problems that can

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21 Aug, 2020

Putting a Spring Back in Our Step

If you suffer from knee pain, arthritis, low back pain or other aches and pains that keep you from being active, there are things you can easily do to become more active and put a spring back in your step. Change How You Sit A lot of aches and pains relate to how we use

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11 Aug, 2020

Stay Active with These Low Impact Activities

Do you have the desire to stay active but your joints can’t seem to keep up with the stresses applied to it with higher impact exercises such as jogging and lifting weights?  A great way to continue to stay active throughout the entirety of your life is to practice low impact activities. What is a

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24 Jul, 2020

Piriformis Syndrome is a Pain in the Butt

What is the piriformis? The piriformis is an important muscle of the hip and glutes that helps to rotate your hips to the side and move your hip to the side. The muscle connects from an area on your femur to the sacrum which lies at the base of your spine. The sciatic nerve also

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9 Jul, 2020

Walk Away From Hip Pain

Walk Away From Hip Pain With Physical Therapy. Your hips, due to the amount of loading forces they take on throughout your lifespan, can be a common area of discomfort in the body. This condition known as arthritis is the “wear and tear” of your joint surfaces. Hip pain can also be caused by some

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3 Jun, 2020

IT Band Syndrome AKA “Runners Knee”

I’m sure most of you have heard the terms runner’s knee or IT Band at some point in time… Now understanding what it means may be another thing. But don’t worry I’m gonna tell you all you need to know. ITB syndrome is very common and you may be suffering without knowing.  ITB refers to

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11 May, 2020

What is PFPS…

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a condition in which the tendons surrounding the knee becomes inflamed. It can also be associated with damage of the cartilage behind the knee cap (patella). PFPS is very common in many people of all age ranges and activity levels. The most common symptom is knee pain that is described

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6 Apr, 2020

Strains in These Muscles, Means Trouble Bending Our Knees

The hamstrings play an important role in the lower body. They are responsible for helping us stand, walk, run, and jump. Hamstrings are often neglected and can result in an injury to them, such as strains. One of the most common hamstring injuries that we see in the clinic is the hamstring strain.  What are

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4 Mar, 2020

Why We Should Strengthen Our Hips

Many people suffer from low back and hip pain and don’t even realize how much hip strength can influence these conditions. The hip abductors are one of the most influential muscle groups in the body and are an integral part of your body’s overall health.  What are our hip abductors? The hip abductors consist of:

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