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23 Oct, 2020

Is Your Desk Job Causing Pain?

As we progress through this ever-changing, technologically advanced world, more and more people have desk jobs and sit for the large majority of their day. This can be problematic as the human body was designed to be upright and mobile. When we put ourselves into a position that is sub-optimal and hold it for hours

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16 Oct, 2020

Common Causes of Low Back Injuries

The single most common cause of lower back pain is a torn or pulled muscle and/or ligament. The lumbar spine, or low back, is a remarkably well-engineered structure of interconnecting bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles all working together to provide support, strength, and flexibility. However, this complex structure also leaves the low back susceptible

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23 Sep, 2020

Core Importance and How to Keep it Strong

The “core” is a term that loosely means the muscles of your trunk and sometimes the muscles of the hip or pelvis is also included. Some examples of core muscles are your abdominals and back muscles.  Abdominal Muscles There are actually 3 layers of muscle included in the abdominals and each one has a specific

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18 Sep, 2020

Key Ways to Relieve Neck & Back Discomfort

There are many common causes of both back pain and neck pain. However, both of these can be treated with physical therapy. Causes of Back Pain: Changes in the spine’s anatomy Lumbar disc herniation occurs when the gel-like interior of the disc leaks outward and irritates the nerve roots. It typically causes a stabbing pain

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1 Sep, 2020

3 Sources of Neck Problems, With 1 Solution

Most of us spend hours at our desk at work, and often are looking down at our cell phone or computer during our free time, as well as time you spend relaxing in front of the TV. What you may not realize is how all of this affects your posture. Over time, these repetitive tasks

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25 Aug, 2020

Neck Problem Leading to Pain Elsewhere

With the transition to working from home and with the start of distance learning, neck pain is a common problem we are seeing in our clinic. The change in desk set up, chairs or extended time sitting and working at a desk can be a major contributor to neck pain. Neck problems can vary in

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1 Jul, 2020

Ergonomics When Working From Home

With most people still working from home, one of the most common questions I hear at our clinic has to do with ergonomics. Specifically, how to set up your at home office.  If you are used to working in an office and are lucky enough to have a good work chair or even better a

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12 Jun, 2020

Pain from Posture: Get Relief TODAY!

Posture is something that we hear about all the time and it’s usually followed by “oh, I have terrible posture”. Postural weakness in the neck is a problem many of us struggle with. We spend a lot of time sitting whether it is at a desk or on a couch and 9 times out of

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9 Jun, 2020

Inflammation from Repetitive Stress

Impingement syndrome of the shoulder is a condition in which the muscles and tendons of the shoulder are inflamed due to repetitive stress from the bones on the soft tissue.  The shoulder joint consists of the: Upper arm bone (humerus) Shoulder blade (scapula) Collar bone (clavicle). The shoulder has several muscles including the rotator cuff

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13 May, 2020

Solution to that Back Strain

Are you feeling: Pain across the low back into the buttock and hip area Stiffness and limit motion Swelling Inability to maintain positions Muscle spasms If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may be dealing with a lumbar strain.  A lumbar strain is when the muscles or tendons in the back get overstretched

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