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13 Mar, 2019

Discomfort While Standing

By Devin Wurman, DPT Have you ever gotten up in the morning and felt pain in your heel when you put your foot down on the floor? You’re probably wondering why your foot would hurt after you’ve been off your feet and sleeping all night. One of the most common causes of heel pain is

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13 Mar, 2019

The Importance Of A Strong Core

By: Rachel Herrmann, DPT, PT When most people think of the core, they think of the abdominals and doing sit-ups and generally know that one needs to have good core strength. Beyond that, most people don’t know much else about the core. So what are the core muscles and what do they really do? The

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7 Jun, 2018

Muscle Tightness Making Morning Commutes Even Harder?

By: Kate Zanoni, LPTA What causes stiffness in the neck and how can we prevent this common condition? One of the biggest contributors to neck pain and stiffness is our poor posture. A lot of us sit at a desk for work or school for several hours throughout the day. We’re often not aware of

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29 May, 2018

Ever think discomfort will go away on its own?

By: Devin Wurman, DPT Back pain is one of the most common complaints that patients have when they are coming to physical therapy. It is not only affecting middle-aged adults, but becoming more prevalent in the younger adult population. Most patients that come in report dealing with the pain for at least a month or

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11 Apr, 2018

Relieve That Nagging Neck Problem

By Kate Zanoni, LPTA Neck problems, neck spasms and general neck pain are common complaints in the orthopedic rehab world, and we’ve certainly treated our share of patients who suffer from various conditions related to neck pain at LSTC. With the high prevalence of desk jobs, the influx of cell phone use, computer use and

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8 Mar, 2018

Bursitis: 7 Tips to Prevent It

By Kieran Loving, ATC What is bursitis? To start defining this, let’s consider this question: why don’t your bones grind away to dust when you exercise or just move during the day? It’s two bones sliding on top of each other. That can’t be good, right? But our bodies are amazing and have been equipped

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25 Jan, 2018

Tendonitis: What is it and why does it hurt?

By Alyssa Burke, PTA Tendonitis is a common problem you may have heard of or even experienced before. It occurs when the tendons that attach your muscles to your bones become inflamed. Tendonitis can happen to any tendon in your body but is most commonly seen in the following areas: Shoulders Elbows Wrists Knees Ankles

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23 Jan, 2018

Feeling Off Balance?

By Devin Wurman, DPT Feeling off balance? Why? What causes us to have difficulty keeping our balance whether we’re over 65 or in our teens? We have three systems that all work together so we have good balance. We have our balance organ, which is our vestibular system in the inner ear. We have our

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