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23 Oct, 2020

Is Your Desk Job Causing Pain?

As we progress through this ever-changing, technologically advanced world, more and more people have desk jobs and sit for the large majority of their day. This can be problematic as the human body was designed to be upright and mobile. When we put ourselves into a position that is sub-optimal and hold it for hours

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16 Oct, 2020

Common Causes of Low Back Injuries

The single most common cause of lower back pain is a torn or pulled muscle and/or ligament. The lumbar spine, or low back, is a remarkably well-engineered structure of interconnecting bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles all working together to provide support, strength, and flexibility. However, this complex structure also leaves the low back susceptible

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6 Oct, 2020

Tips to Avoid These Three Common Back Injuries

Take a look below to see some of the common injuries and some tips to avoid back pain. Herniated/bulging disc:  This injury commonly occurs with an increased load from bending forward such as lifting or pushing a heavy object, falling, or sitting for a long period of time. The best way to avoid a herniated

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23 Sep, 2020

Core Importance and How to Keep it Strong

The “core” is a term that loosely means the muscles of your trunk and sometimes the muscles of the hip or pelvis is also included. Some examples of core muscles are your abdominals and back muscles.  Abdominal Muscles There are actually 3 layers of muscle included in the abdominals and each one has a specific

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18 Sep, 2020

Key Ways to Relieve Neck & Back Discomfort

There are many common causes of both back pain and neck pain. However, both of these can be treated with physical therapy. Causes of Back Pain: Changes in the spine’s anatomy Lumbar disc herniation occurs when the gel-like interior of the disc leaks outward and irritates the nerve roots. It typically causes a stabbing pain

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2 Jul, 2020

Sources and Reasons for Back Issues

Back pain can come from multiple different sources and can occur for a number of different reasons. The muscles, lumbar discs in between the bones and the joints of the spine can all be sources of back pain. These are all things that coming to PT can address as well! So what can I try

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1 Jul, 2020

Ergonomics When Working From Home

With most people still working from home, one of the most common questions I hear at our clinic has to do with ergonomics. Specifically, how to set up your at home office.  If you are used to working in an office and are lucky enough to have a good work chair or even better a

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18 Jun, 2020

Back Pain and Where it Came From

Most of us will experience some form of back pain at some point in their life.  Back pain can be debilitating and can make simple everyday activities and movements seem impossible and painful. So where did this pain come from?  Where Back Pain Comes From: Muscle strains Joint or disc issues (joint deterioration, disc herniation)

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10 Jun, 2020

Discs: Reason for Back Issues

What is a disc?   Your back bone, or spine, is made up of bones called vertebrae that are separated by discs. A disc is made up of a tough outer portion called the annulus fibrosus and a softer inner portion called the nucleus pulposus that is a gel like substance.  The two parts that make

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21 May, 2020

Low Back Pain can be Draining

So you have been experiencing pain in the low back that could be due to facet dysfunction. What is a facet?  Facet joints are located in the spine at the posterolateral aspect of the vertebra.  These are joints that allow motion of the spine and also restrict hyper mobility. How does the problem present? Pain,

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