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29 Jul, 2020

3 Common Knee Problems We See

If  you are concerned that you might have or have been recently diagnosed with one of these issues, consider a visit to Physical Therapy! We can make sure that you are appropriate for therapy and walk you through the process of improving your wellness and decreasing pain. Patellar pain: This refers to pain behind or

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9 Jul, 2020

Walk Away From Hip Pain

Walk Away From Hip Pain With Physical Therapy. Your hips, due to the amount of loading forces they take on throughout your lifespan, can be a common area of discomfort in the body. This condition known as arthritis is the “wear and tear” of your joint surfaces. Hip pain can also be caused by some

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18 Jun, 2020

Hip Injuries: How Common They Really Are

Hip injuries are very common in the general population due to the stress through the joint on a daily basis, so it’s no surprise that you have experienced an injury. The three most common injuries that occur in the hip joint include: Hip Impingement Labral Tears Arthritis It is important to understand the structure of

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2 Jun, 2020

The Why and Where of Arthritis

Pain due to arthritis is often chronic, and can cause very dull, achy and stiff feeling joints. Often times, the stiffness and achiness is worse after staying in one position for a prolonged period of time. For example: Sitting Sleeping Standing Why does arthritis happen and where? Arthritis commonly happens due to normal joint changes

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28 May, 2020

Persistent Knee Discomfort and the Road to Relief

Don’t let persistent KNEE PAIN hold you back… Knee pain is something that everyone will experience at some point in their lifetime. Having knee pain can be the result of many factors and affects all ages. We as physical therapy clinicians work with patients to educate them about their problem in addition to how it

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11 May, 2020

Hip Pain and Fractures and Tears, Oh My!

Let’s talk about pain… When talking with your physical therapist or your doctor about your hip pain it’s important to be able to describe exactly where your pain is located to help confirm that your hip is actually the problem. It’s not uncommon to hear “My hip hurts!” when in turn it may actually be

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7 May, 2020

The Beginnings of Knee Arthritis

What does “wear and tear” mean? When we mention “wear and tear” it typically references normal stress we put on joints such as our knees from just living a relatively normal life. The average person exercises 2-3 times per week with moderate aerobic and resistance exercise. They also likely sit or stand more than 5-6

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25 Feb, 2020

Osteoarthritis VS Rheumatoid Arthritis

What is arthritis and who can get it? Arthritis is actually not a single disease, but rather an informal way of referring to joint pain or inflammation. Two of the most prevalent types of arthritis are, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. While arthritis is often associated with increased age, people of all ages, sexes, and lifestyles

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13 Feb, 2020

The Knee and Arthritis

Arthritis is a degenerative joint condition that occurs overtime. Our joints wear down over our lifetime, and the cartilage or cushioning layer on our bones disappears. When this layer is gone your bones begin to rub other bones. What you might not realize is that knee arthritis specifically, impacts every age group. Knee Arthritis Symptoms:

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18 Dec, 2019

Natural Ways to Beat Joint Pain

Our joints rely on the ability to move properly, have adequate muscle support and to be well-lubricated. When any of these points suffer, increased pressure is created in the joint causing the cartilage to rub together. This can lead to our joint cartilage wearing down and arthritis. Joint pain debilitates millions of people annually and

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