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13 Jan, 2021

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral Pain (PFP) is considered a diagnosis of exclusion for anterior knee pain (pain in the front of your knee or around your kneecap).  Structurally, there is no specific tissue that is seriously damaged.  Despite its seemingly vague description, this diagnosis is commonly the answer given.  Let’s dive into what it means! What is the

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29 Jul, 2020

3 Common Knee Problems We See

If  you are concerned that you might have or have been recently diagnosed with one of these issues, consider a visit to Physical Therapy! We can make sure that you are appropriate for therapy and walk you through the process of improving your wellness and decreasing pain. Patellar pain: This refers to pain behind or

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3 Jun, 2020

Knee Ligament Injuries: Sprains & Tears

“Oh man, I think I just felt something pop in my knee!” This is a common statement made by those who have just experienced a ligamentous injury in their knee. The knee joint is made up of: Three bones Tibia Patella Femur Menisci Ligaments.  Ligaments in Our Knees: There are four main ligaments that provide

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21 Jul, 2019

Proper Treatment for ACL Injuries

Following an awkward landing or a sudden change in direction, the popping sensation in your knee is often followed by severe pain with weight bearing, loss of range of motion and swelling of the knee. The injury may indicate an ACL injury, which can certainly sideline you from returning to your sport for months, sometimes

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1 May, 2019

Sidelined From Knee Discomfort?

Knee discomfort and injures can keep you sidelined from participating in your daily activities.  Knee discomfort and pain can make it difficult to perform such daily activities as: walking climbing stairs bending down to tie your shoes pick something up off the floor It can also prevent you from enjoying such simple things as sitting

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