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How do I know if physical therapy can help me?

If you are suffering from a painful injury or condition, then chances are that physical therapy can help you.

If you ask a physical therapist if physical therapy can help, they will answer with an immediate ‘yes’.

Physical therapy is a specialty that helps you recover from injury, illness, and painful conditions. You can find out how physical therapy can help by scheduling an evaluation.

During your private one-on-one session, the physical therapist will help determine the cause of your pain and work with you to develop a plan based on your goals and needs.

There are 4 phases of recovery that you must go through. Phase one is focused on decreasing inflammation and pain. It can last from days to several weeks depending on your needs.  When you complete phase one you are not done with your care.

Phase two focuses on improving your range of motion. During phase two the therapist will perform manual techniques and stretching to increase joint motion. Phase two can 2 -4 weeks to advance through based on how tight the joint structures are.

Phase three focuses on strengthening. This is the most important part of your care and you should not stop physical therapy before this phase is complete. During phase three, your therapist will work on activities to increase your overall strength during functional activities. It is very important that you complete this part of your care.

Phase four is advanced training. This is when the physical therapist or athletic trainer advances your program into more activity or sport-specific training. If you are an athlete, phase four will help you return to your sport and be ready to play.

Don’t suffer with pain or injury. Call 703-450-4300 today to schedule your one-on-one evaluation. Physical therapy can help!