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Sports Injuries

Have you…

  • Had a prior sport related injury?
  • Had a prior injury of any kind?
  • Had pain during training or workouts?
  • Recently started or soon starting a new sport season?
  • Training for new sports/competition?
  • Known someone who has a season ending injury?

Injury prevention is our goal!

Injury occurs when one of two factors are present:

  • Repetitive Actions: Most sport and athletic competition involves repetitive motion. Baseball, soccer, marathons, tennis, football, and many more, all involve some form of repetitive movement. From throwing a baseball to running 26 miles, controlling the effects of repetitious movement and impact will significantly decrease your risk of injury.
  • Direct Trauma: While not all sports are contact sports, direct trauma is a significant possibility in any sport. A quick stop on the soccer field, or a direct collision on the football field to name a few are much more easily absorbed by the joints, muscles, ligaments, and the body in general if it has been conditioned appropriately.

Studies show that athletes who have been assessed prior to the start of each season and trained appropriately prior to and during the season are 75% less likely to be injured or experience pain during their season / competition. This is primarily because their joints, muscles, and ligaments are better able to absorb the repetitive actions or the impact when trauma does occur.