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21 Jul, 2020

Common Causes of Low Back Injuries

Back pain is a primary cause for sick-days in working environments and can cost employers up to $1,685 per employee every year. Unfortunately back injuries are quite common and can happen for a multitude of reasons. Fortunately, there is a effective way to treat these injuries. Take a look below to see what causes back

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3 Oct, 2019

The Power of Therapy

We have all experienced back and neck discomfort at one point or another or will experience it in the future. In fact, it is one of the leading things that causes people to miss work. So, it’s time to discuss how you can get rid of your discomfort for good! Why does neck and back

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20 Jun, 2019

One of the Most Stable Joints in the Body…

You guessed it, the hip joint! However, that does not keep this joint and region of the body from becoming unstable, developing issues, and producing discomfort. Unstable hip joints can lead to discomfort and weakness in the hip region and creates difficulties: sleeping or lying in certain positions standing, walking, running, and climbing stairs standing

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17 Jun, 2019

What Type of Stretching Should I do ‘Before’ Playing Sports?

You should know what type of stretching you should do both before and after playing sports or any other physical activity.  Stretching is an important part of an athletes daily exercise routine, however, it should not be the only exercise they are doing.  Most people think that when we stretch we are elongating our muscles. 

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1 Jun, 2019

Our Hands are Required for Nearly Every Movement

Think about how many times a day you use your hands. Our hands are required for nearly every movement.  Our upper extremities impact our ability to type on our computer keyboard, hold our morning cup of coffee, grip the steering wheel while driving and our phone while talking to a family member as well as

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27 Nov, 2018

Moving, standing or sitting creating discomfort?

By: Mike Bills, MS PT Many people seek physical therapy because of hip pain, specifically, pain in their hip flexor muscles. When you experience this pain in the front of the thigh, it usually stems from the fact that your hip flexor muscles, there are a few of them, are being overworked for a number

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10 May, 2018

Two Routines to Prevent Aches and Muscle Soreness

By Kate Zanoni, LPTA The benefits of routine stretching reach far beyond rehabilitation. Whether you’re an athlete, sedentary, a weekend warrior, young or old, active or inactive, you will reap the value of a regular stretching routine. In general, stretching is the elongation of a muscle and is used to help prevent injury and discomfort.

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11 Apr, 2018

Taking Care of a Fracture

What is a fracture? The word, ‘fracture’ is a medical term that refers to a crack or break in a bone. Bones are made of calcified materials, which give them their hard rigid structure. There are several types of fractures: Greenstick- when a bone is bent, but not broken all the way through. A buckle

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3 Apr, 2018

Walking to Improve Bone Health

Walking is a great step to improve bone health and fitness. Springtime is a good time to get outside and be active. What better way to kick the winter blues and enjoy the beautiful spring weather than to go for a walk! Walking is one of the easiest ways to get a workout and it

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26 Sep, 2017

Keep Athletes Competing: Proper Warm-Up and Adequate Stretching

By: Cierra Washington, ATC Do you know what constitutes a complete warm-up? Too often, sports-related injuries occur and could have been easily prevented had the athlete thoroughly prepared their body for practices and games. So what is an appropriate warm-up? The warm-up, which typically lasts between 10-15 minutes, feeds the body. Whether it’s a run,

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