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24 Nov, 2020

What is a “frozen shoulder”? 

Frozen shoulder is a condition where your shoulder joint becomes painful and stiff, usually resulting from lack of motion or use. The medical term for this is “adhesive capsulitis.” Simply put, your shoulder capsule (which is a connective tissue structure that surrounds your bones and muscles of your shoulder) has tightened up and is restricting

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17 Nov, 2020

We Are Safer Than the Grocery Store so There is No Need to Worry!

We Are Safer Than the Grocery Store so There is No Need to Worry! At LSTC we take pride in having a germ and virus free clinic all the time. We do this through cleaning and disinfecting equipment, exam tables and counters, washing our hands frequently, and staying home when sick. It is safe to

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11 Nov, 2020

Sore Hip & Getting Relief

What is hip pain? The hip is comprised of the acetabulum- a ring shaped surface, and the head of the femur- a ball shaped structure. It’s where the leg attaches to the trunk.  The hip has the functional ability to rotate out (external rotation), rotate in (internal rotation), move forward(flexion), move backward (extension), move toward

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9 Nov, 2020

Common Lower Extremity Injuries & Prevention

When people think of physical therapy the first thing to come to mind is often ‘injury.” While physical therapy is instrumental in solving injuries and improving functional deficits, it can also be used to prevent injuries specifically in the sport’s world. Read below to hear some common lower extremity injuries in athletes that can be

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2 Nov, 2020

Common Injuries with Running

Have you recently started running and are having pain? Increased your mileage and having pain? Increased speed and having pain? Types of Injuries All levels and types of runners may experience pain at one point or another. Running injuries most commonly affect the knee, lower leg, and foot. Some of the injuries seen are: Knee

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3 Oct, 2019

The Power of Therapy

We have all experienced back and neck discomfort at one point or another or will experience it in the future. In fact, it is one of the leading things that causes people to miss work. So, it’s time to discuss how you can get rid of your discomfort for good! Why does neck and back

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20 Jun, 2019

One of the Most Stable Joints in the Body…

You guessed it, the hip joint! However, that does not keep this joint and region of the body from becoming unstable, developing issues, and producing discomfort. Unstable hip joints can lead to discomfort and weakness in the hip region and creates difficulties: sleeping or lying in certain positions standing, walking, running, and climbing stairs standing

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17 Jun, 2019

What Type of Stretching Should I do ‘Before’ Playing Sports?

You should know what type of stretching you should do both before and after playing sports or any other physical activity.  Stretching is an important part of an athletes daily exercise routine, however, it should not be the only exercise they are doing.  Most people think that when we stretch we are elongating our muscles. 

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1 Jun, 2019

Our Hands are Required for Nearly Every Movement

Think about how many times a day you use your hands. Our hands are required for nearly every movement.  Our upper extremities impact our ability to type on our computer keyboard, hold our morning cup of coffee, grip the steering wheel while driving and our phone while talking to a family member as well as

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27 Nov, 2018

Moving, standing or sitting creating discomfort?

By: Mike Bills, MS PT Many people seek physical therapy because of hip pain, specifically, pain in their hip flexor muscles. When you experience this pain in the front of the thigh, it usually stems from the fact that your hip flexor muscles, there are a few of them, are being overworked for a number

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