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Category Archives: Healthy Tips

19 Mar, 2020

Keeping up with Home Exercise Programs

Knock Knock… Who’s There… Covid…Covid Who?…. Is your mouth covid when you cough? Continuing Home Exercises Right now, as you are all well aware, the whole world is responding to a pandemic. The Coronavirus—which is one of many coronaviruses that have affected people in the past—Covid-19 has everyone on lockdown. You may be in quarantine

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12 Mar, 2020

COVID-19: Preventing the Spread 101

Steps to a Virus Free Clinic! At LSTC we take pride in having a germ and virus free clinic all the time. We do this through cleaning and disinfecting equipment, exam tables and counters, washing our hands frequently, and staying home when sick. Several times throughout the day we clean and disinfect: Check-in and Check-out

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16 Jan, 2020

Guide to Better Running

The way we run is a matter of energy and efficiency. We may ask ourselves how some people can run farther, faster and make it seem effortless. The trick is in how their body moves.  Our Body When Running Our body is like a spring; it stores energy at one point in our stride and

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9 Jan, 2020

Effects of Entering the Season De-Conditioned

The two most common reasons people sustain injuries when they rush back into a sport or exercise program too quickly, are training errors and technique errors.  Rushing into the season or training program without proper progressive training our body will not be ready to endure the stress and we can end up with an injury

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14 Nov, 2019

Stretches to Prevent Injuries

Hiking and rock climbing are wonderful recreational activities that provides significant benefits to the body. They can workout pretty much every muscle in our body and help to build up our endurance. Even if it’s a short hike or climb, if we’re spending much of it scrambling over rocks or walking up a steady incline,

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7 Nov, 2019

A Strengthening Program’s Role in Preventing Injuries

For athletes, being stronger and strengthening properly will help them to experience a significant decrease in potential for injury, and experience an overall greater ease of activity and movement with everything they do. This all starts with knowing what muscles to work and how to work them correctly.’ Typically, there will be no immediate effect

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11 Oct, 2019

Proper Preparation is Key to Avoiding Injuries

Nowadays, free-time activities can look a little different for kids as various technologies are at our fingertips. If you’re a student athlete who participates in sports year-round, you might maintain a higher level of physical activity. Overall though, the general lack of physical activity, means fitness levels decrease significantly and therefore the return to sports

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25 Sep, 2019

Pre-Operative Therapy: “Pre-hab”

So we did physical therapy a year ago and it helped to keep from having surgery last year, but our pain has returned and we’re back to missing out on the things we were able to do some time ago. we aren’t able to ride your bike for cardio anymore, we have an immense amount

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16 Aug, 2019

Physical Therapy Benefits You Pre-Surgery

Preparing for surgery can be daunting in itself. Your body is about to go through a planned trauma, not to mention the mental preparation you have to plan for with the known discomfort to follow, even though you are already in pain and that’s why you’re going through with the surgery. Does this ring a

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14 Aug, 2019

‘Do Anywhere Workouts’ – Stretches

School is starting again and your schedules are filling up. But as schedules get busy, it can be tough to keep fitness towards the top of you priority list. So, here are some ‘Do Anywhere Workouts’ and stretches you can perform anywhere without special equipment or a gym. Keep in mind, you don’t need a

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