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Return-to-Play Program for Athletes

 return to sport program

Are injuries keeping you out of the game?

Are you struggling to recover after a mild injury?

At Loudoun Sports Therapy Center in Sterling, VA we offer a Return To Play Program for athletes & weekend warriors. This program is for athletes recovering from injury or surgery and was designed by our Certified Athletic Trainers.

Injury prevention is our goal but recovering from injury is essential.

Athletes who suffer injuries are usually more prone to repeat injuries due to prior weakness and muscle imbalance. Some injuries allow for a quick recovery while other may take much longer and require a round of physical therapy. At our Sterling Virginia location we offer our return to play program as a post physical therapy option.

What is a return to play program? Physical therapy focuses on helping an athlete improve strength, range of motion, balance and mobility while relieving pain and inflammation.  Our return to play program offers the athlete a sport-specific personalized program. This type of program works to get the athlete back to playing their sport at full intensity. During your session, the athletic trainers assess your needs related to joint proprioception, agility, and ability to change direction quickly. 

Do I need to have physical therapy before starting a return to play program?  Yes. It is our professional opinion that an injury should be treated  with physical therapy first. This allows us to manage pain, inflammation, and assess for more acute needs before working on higher level programs. Once the physical therapist has cleared you for return to play, we will start the program.

If you’re suffering from a recent or long standing injury, call now to schedule a personal physical therapy evaluation. We will help you recover from your injury and get you back to playing on the court or field.

As an additional note: The clinicians at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center want to keep teams in our community safe and healthy ALL season long. To help make that happen, our Certified Athletic Trainers offer sport-specific Injury Prevention Workshops. They will tailor the talk to your sport and your audience whether that be coaches, players, parents or other team personnel. If you would like more information about hosting a workshop, call our office at 703-450-4300 or email us at

We offer physical therapy centrally located to Fairfax and Loudoun County. LIVE LIFE Pain Free with Physical Therapy!